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EDIS Perception Study 2007

EDIS Perception Study 2007

July 25, 2007

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Forty percent of survey participants indicated plans to purchase an EDIS within the next two years – but who’s buying? Are they replacing existing solutions, or are they net new purchasers? Which vendors are they considering, and why? Are there any vendors they would specifically avoid? And what about the ever-looming decision between best of breed and enterprise solutions? KLAS set out to find the answers to these and other questions in this first of its kind Emergency Department Information Systems (EDIS) Perception 2007 study.

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Rather than reporting actual vendor performance, KLAS perception studies focus on current provider opinions of vendor offerings, and which products providers would consider if they were to begin the selection process today. The following study findings focus on the top nine vendors that providers would most often consider if given the opportunity to select a vendor today. These vendors are:

  • Allscripts/A4 HealthMatics ED
  • Picis ED PulseCheck
  • Cerner Millennium FirstNet
  • McKesson Horizon Emergency Care
  • Wellsoft EDIS
  • Meditech C/S EDM
  • T-System T-SystemEV
  • Epic EpicCare ED
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