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Emergency Department Information Systems

Emergency Department Information Systems
Is Best of Breed Still the Best Approach?

December 15, 2009

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Deciding between having an integrated solution and meeting the needs of clinicians, particularly when it comes to the emergency department (ED), often puts the CIO in a tough spot. Which goal takes precedence? Increasingly, KLAS is seeing best-of-breed solutions replaced by enterprise products. What does this trend mean for the hospitals considering a switch, and what has been the reaction of clinicians who have already made the transition? Why do enterprise emergency department information system (EDIS) solutions, with the exception of Epic, chronically score well below the average KLAS software rating? In the end, what is to be gained from a switch from best of breed to enterprise, and what might likely be lost?

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To answer these questions, KLAS has compiled the perspectives of more than 500 providers—roughly half from IT and half from clinicians—to offer a comprehensive look at the ED market.

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