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ERP Market Review 2006 ERP Market Review 2006
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ERP Market Review 2006

February 10, 2006

This report provides a snapshot of today’s ERP vendors and compares their strengths and weaknesses against one another and the KLAS HIT average (the average of all Healthcare Information Technology products in the KLAS database). While many of the enterprise-wide core vendors have ERP applications that are included when these vendors submit financial and/or clinical systems proposals, the focus of this report is limited to vendors identified by our survey respondents as either a multi-industry vendors they identify with the ERP application suite, or a enterprise-wide core healthcare vendor that would separately market the ERP applications.

KLAS Market Reviews are condensed versions of KLAS’ specialty reports. Market Reviews combine analysis of performance and trending data for one year with commentary on select market segments.

Readers who want to explore the related issues of workflow management systems and the professional services that assist in the implementation and maintenance of these extensive systems will be interested in reviewing ongoing KLAS research in these areas.

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