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Healthcare Analytics Performance Healthcare Analytics Performance
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Healthcare Analytics Performance
The Data Deluge, Who Delivers Value?

author - Joe VanDeGraaff
Joe VanDeGraaff
December 16, 2014 | Read Time: 2  minutes

The deluge of data in healthcare is accompanied by a growing number of vendors, many affirming vast analytics capabilities. In a world where innovation and future strategy often make the headlines, KLAS takes a unique approach by focusing on and highlighting the customer experience. The result? A look into value and vendor performance as reported by 463 healthcare providers.

value and evangelism who stands outsummary view performance of broad use bi vendors



Best overall client reported combination of strong service and product-suite capability and performance; considered “top notch” by multiple customers.


Simplicity of visual analytics seen as driving much needed value. High satisfaction has led to noticeable market growth, even though product not considered a full BI suite.


Creative healthcare analytics use cases and enterprise adoption among healthcare customers differentiate Qlik in visual data discovery; sees continued momentum and above average performance.


Improving implementations over last year and continued development result in performance uptick. BI suite option seen as more affordable than largest BI vendors’, more expensive than smaller vendors’.


Improvement in client-reported performance over last year but still about average overall. Skills for vendor BI suite(i.e., SQL) are commonly found; cohesive use of the multiple products within Microsoft’s BI solution stack not as common.


Large organizations see IBM as innovating in analytics and offering broad capabilities. Aside from some very happy customers, vendor innovation and strong capability contrasted by average performance and product complexity.


Overall, most customers struggle with BI suite and vendor relationship, and some see McKesson looking ahead rather than addressing current needs. New Explorer visualization product creating energy and excitement.


Support and system complexity struggles result in low performance; clients infrequently achieve strong product use and platform potential. Some satisfaction improvement in newer 4.x versions. Relationship with Epic propels considerations.



Fast-growing healthcare-specific vendor. Unique approach and maturing product bring clinical discipline and problem solving to healthcare BI. Clients often speak of short-term results and have high confidence in the vendor.


Performance drop since last year—capable platform and historically better-than-average vendor support starting to be overshadowed by higher vendor pricing and difficult-to-use product.


OBIEE seen as comprehensive to large healthcare organizations using it, but most clients see it as expensive. Oracle EHA platform gaining traction, though clients admit the need for very skilled, dedicated resources to make it work.


Vendor often recognized for advanced analytics (i.e.,statistical, predictive); while use of SAS is largely concentrated among power users, strong support experience and new visualization product widen its appeal. 

quality physicain benchmarking analytics

author - Robert Ellis
Project Manager
Robert Ellis
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