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MR 1.5 T Product Comparison Report 2014 MR 1.5 T Product Comparison Report 2014
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MR 1.5 T Product Comparison Report 2014

June 15, 2014 | Read Time: 1  minute

BOTTOM LINES MRI 2013: Sorting Through the Noise


More communicative sales and contracting. Room to improve nickel-and-diming as they price more aggressively. Silent MR is resonating with  GE and non-GE users.  Praised for the IntelliTouch patient locator. Multiple reports of issues with the detachable table, though not debilitating.


Strong praise for the dStream coils. Users excited about the achieved results as well as the future ability to not add channels to the system. Highest-priced scanner in the report, and providers report it is worth the cost. High levels of support and communication had by initial Ingenia customers have not been maintained. One customer cites support has changed to a message and callback approach.


The MRI technology leader. Improved training and account management— Siemens’ representatives more invested in providers’ success. Aera users leading the way in cardiac MR. Siemens’ Dot engines great for lesser-used protocols but can be restrictive when the providers get more specialized protocols.


Providers want the Titan to be easier to use. M-Power user interface has brought some improvements but still requires too many clicks and too much tech interaction. Support and account management are traditional Toshiba strengths but are now the weakest in the group. Strong  implementations and great training. Pianissimo gradients provide quiet scanning across the board.

author - Robert Ellis
Project Manager
Robert Ellis
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