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Population Health Care Management 2019

Population Health Care Management 2019
Adoption Early But Gaining Traction

Authored by: Bradley Hunter and Paul Warburton December 16, 2019 | Read Time: 4  minutes

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Care management is where the rubber meets the road in population health management (PHM). Many provider organizations are able to access their data, analyze it, and ascertain patient risk, but now they are pushing for better, more automated ways to manage the care of at-risk patients. Many vendors are struggling to keep pace with delivering care management (CM) capabilities due to siloed data and high variation in customer needs. Notably, several high-profile PHM vendors are not included in this research because their CM functionality is too limited, too early, and/or lacks sufficient adoption.

This report, KLAS’ first look at the use of PHM software specifically for care management, shares what functionality vendors provide and how well those tools support care managers’ work—by first pulling in data to create a longitudinal record and then providing actionable insights and helping to identify and close care gaps.

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Key Findings

  1. EMR Vendors Struggle to Deliver Customized Workflows
  2. Flexibility and Customization from HealthEC, Enli, and Innovaccer Help Care Managers Get Actionable Insights
  3. In Care Management, Enli Leads with Strong Adoption and Solid Satisfaction
  4. HealthEC Partners to Fill Gaps in Social Determinants of Health Data
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