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Purchasing an Ambulatory EMR Solution

Purchasing an Ambulatory EMR Solution
Who Makes the Short List?

March 31, 2009

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Despite predictions of mass consolidation in the market, new ambulatory EMR vendors have proliferated. There has been some consolidation, but a tremendous number of EMR options remain on the market today, with new vendors frequently entering the market. The unique needs of various clinical specialties and the ability for physician groups to commercialize their home-grown products continue to fuel the market’s growth.

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The vendor landscape grows largest in the small physician practice space. Here, there are more vendor options for ambulatory EMRs than in any other segment of the outpatient market, yet this space also has greatest potential for EMR adoption.

With more providers considering EMR adoption, this data takes on heightened importance as it reveals insights into the minds of CIOs, physicians, and other decision makers regarding the EMR solutions they feel would merit consideration. This report addresses the ambulatory EMR markets from the largest to the smallest in terms of the vendors that providers would consider if they were making an ambulatory EMR selection today.

As KLAS investigated providers’ purchasing intentions, several questions were answered:

  • Which vendors show up on providers’ short lists?
  • Are there vendors they would specifically avoid?
  • Which solution would they most likely purchase and why?
  • How does the Stark Law impact these decisions?

In KLAS' 2009 "Purchasing an Ambulatory EMR Solution: Who Makes the Short List?", healthcare providers share perceptions, rather than actual performance scores, about ambulatory EMR solutions. This report reflects the opinions of more than 410 participants.

Vendors profiled in the "Purchasing an Ambulatory EMR Solution: Who Makes the Short List?" report include Allscripts, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, Epic, GE, Greenway, McKesson, NextGen and Sage.

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