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Various PHM resources
Tools to help segment populations by their risk level related to COVID-19 and engage patients with relevant patient education

Population Segmentation and Stratification

Regardless of the capabilities deployed by a given customer, each instance is built on a set of algorithms intended to segment and stratify the population into a number of COVID-19-specific cohorts.

  • High-Risk for COVID-19 Complications: Algorithmically identify patients at high, medium, and low risk for COVID-19 complications for an initial outreach screening.
  • Suspected COVID-19 Patients: Identify diagnosed patients and mine notes for suspected COVID-19-positive diagnoses.
  • Medical or Mentally Vulnerable: Algorithmically identify patients with medical or mental health vulnerabilities who are put at risk by limited care capacity.

Education and Engagement, Outreach and Surveys

Your patients need to hear from you, and you need to know more about them. Arcadia can help you send public health education, screening tools, and real-time updates about access to care. And it can provide targeted, multimodal engagement with your high-risk patients to identify whether patients’ care needs are met and to educate on care plans and pathways if patients are infected.

  • Public Health Announcements: Make sure your patients can hear from a trusted source (their doctors) on what to do and not do during a pandemic. This communication is handled via text message.
  • Cohort Specific Screenings/Surveys: Based on specialized population cohorts, Arcadia will send a text message to a patient with a secure survey. That allows you to extend your care team and automate some engagement with your patients while keeping the data in the care plan. For COVID-19-positive patients told to stay at home, you can monitor disease progression.

Care Team Extension

The front lines are under assault. You need to do whatever you can to unburden the care team and allow for an increase in telehealth services. Arcadia can help find patients with high medical needs who may not be easily served during this crisis, and it can screen for who can self-manage and who needs escalation. This also applies to patients with existing mental health issues that the stress and anxiety of a pandemic can complicate. Arcadia can help find these patients and guide them to the services that can help with COVID19-specific care management assessments as well as additional engagement models for each specialized population cohort.

Research and Analytics

You need access to good, fast, trusted data to effectively deploy resources to respond to the pandemic. Arcadia is surveilling systems and diagnostics from all your EHRs, HIEs, labs, and claims systems, and we are directly surveilling patients.

  • EHRs: Nightly extractions of patient charts including structured, pseudo-structured, and unstructured note data.
  • ADT feeds: Real-time alerts of admissions, discharges, and transfers from hospitals and HIEs.
  • Labs: Testing response made available to understand what is happening to patients with an integrated data set.
  • Patient Responses. Real-time additions of data entered by patients via text message surveys or entered by care managers on the phone with a patient.
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