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Ciox Health's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Clinical data acquisition and insights
Ubiquitous, efficient delivery of medical records from any provider in the country

Ciox Health is empowering greater health, supplying clinical data retrieval, and coding services through our clinical data acquisition and integrity (CDAI) division. During COVID-19, Ciox Health is supporting healthcare providers by enabling unobtrusive, continuous flow of clinical data and ongoing coding services (both on and offshore). We’ve successfully augmented our service offering during this pandemic due in large part to a well planned and executed virtualization of staff and an innovative Digital First initiative.

We have taken multiple steps internally, including new guidelines, to ensure chart-collection efforts continue without disrupting clinical operations or healthcare. Guidelines include:

  • If any provider is unable or unwilling to support chart retrieval due to COVID-19, we are offering alternatives such as remote access.
  • We continue to expand our remote EMR access relationships with providers as an efficient method to retrieve medical records.
  • If a provider office is closed or not accepting retrieval requests due to COVID-19, we are tracking so we can evolve our outreach strategy.

Ciox Health’s chart retrieval remains fully operational, with 90% of CDAI staff working remotely. Our Digital First initiative is leveraging proprietary Ciox Health technology to expedite the location and procurement of requested health data, electronically and compliantly. In addition, Ciox Health-managed locations and remote EMR access remain largely unaffected.

Clinical Revenue Integrity Services
Quick, compliant management of patient data

Ciox Health remains committed to connecting healthcare decision makers with the clinical data that is crucial for treatment, tracking, and prevention during a health crisis. We will continue to provide reliable, efficient access to patients’ medical records while prioritizing the safety of our employees, customers, and the patients we all serve by taking a “digital first” approach:

  • We have enhanced our technology infrastructure to support increased remote access for our employees and are working with customer IT teams to increase secure access to your systems and clinical data needed to support clinical data exchange.
  • More than 1,700 Ciox Health employees have been moved from client and Ciox Health facilities to work-from-home arrangements to reduce the number of noncritical employees on-site.
  • Our technology-enabled processes (backed by all necessary compliance and security protocols) allow us to carefully manage records requests by prioritizing requests based on care delivery needs while continuing to deliver records within allowable time frames.
  • Ciox’s HealthSource Patient Request allows patients to request and receive their medical records online; email us for more information.
  • Ciox Health has credentialed coders, CDI specialists, and denials management professionals to support remote operations and ensure ongoing cash flow and timely reimbursements.

In addition to this strategy, we are providing resources to our customers to help effectively manage operations as we navigate the pandemic. Resources are available on our website.

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