eMDs's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Various COVID-19 resources
Tactical toolsets, education and guidance, and companyreadiness awareness

We have actively engaged with our customers, including physician members of our Office of the CMO to understand the impacts on them and their needs. We have focused our assistance to customers on:

  • Tactical toolsets to help them manage changes to their clinical and billing operations
  • Education and guidance regarding industry changes and additional information resources
  • Company readiness awareness

Tactical Toolsets

eMDs has published:

  • COVID-19 screening templates for the EHRs
  • System updates with the new diagnosis and CPT codes
  • Telehealth configuration
  • Telehealth billing guides based on CMS, AMA, and other industry guidance
  • And more

Education and Guidance

We have reviewed and informed our customers about industry guidance and topics that are relevant to them including:

  • Telehealth billing rules and “how to”
  • Operational case studies that their peers in other practices are deploying (e.g., parking lot screening, telehealth, patient communications, and physical office workflow patterns)
  • Continuing care management for their other chronic condition and general patient populations (keep managing them, keep them out of overcrowded hospitals, and restore practice revenues)

Company-Readiness Awareness

We have also increased the frequency of customer communications to ensure the maximum number of customers are aware of what we are doing and how they can leverage eMDs so they can focus on their operations and ensure their practices remain as viable business entities with precipitous drops in patient volume. We are informing customers about our operations adjustments and ongoing readiness including work-from-home strategies, curtailed travel, and continued infrastructure management.

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