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Ensemble Health Partners's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Various RCM resources
Billing guidance, updates, and webinar resources for dealing with COVID-19

COVID-19 Coding and Billing Updates Guide

Ensemble Health Partners’ team of subject matter experts has been carefully tracking and documenting COVID-19 coding, documentation, compensation, and billing changes. We’ve created this comprehensive document with the latest updates to help keep you and your organization informed and compliant.

COVID-19 Coding Guidelines Webinar

Ensemble Health Partners’ “Queen of Codes,” Staci Booth, talks providers through the very latest COVID-19 coding updates detail by detail.

COVID-19 Telehealth and Telemedicine Guide

Ensemble Health Partners has created this detailed document focusing on CPT/HCPCS codes that are allowed in telehealth and telemedicine encounters during the COVID-19 evaluation time frame. This is being updated almost daily.

Acting with Empathy During COVID-19

Fear, frustration, panic, anger, confusion—we have all been dealing with these emotions (and many others) during the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout these significant disruptions, Ensemble Health Partners’ Director of Patient and Guest Experiences is reminding us all why social distancing does not have to mean emotional disconnection.

Webinar—From the Frontlines of COVID-19

Dr. Khiet Trinh and members of Ensemble Health Partners’ physician advisor staff appear on the Finally Friday podcast to provide clinical and revenue cycle guidance for managing the COVID-19 pandemic.

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