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eVideon's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Patient Experience Platform
Automated educational content, RTLS integration, interactive surveys, meal ordering, and other educational and interactive resources for patients

eVideon’s Patient Experience Platform provides education, entertainment, and virtual engagement. The EHR integration ensures highly customized, real-time content. Features that can help during the COVID-19 pandemic include:

  • Automated, tailored education (e.g., pediatric-friendly COVID-19 content for pediatric patients, hand washing reminders, information from the CDC). The content is tailored to each patient’s demographic and language.
  • Instant triggers via RTLS. The system can display notifications (e.g., when a clinician enters the room, the TV displays a hand washing reminder). RTLS integration can also track and report staff entries into patient rooms so that hospital leaders have real-time data about potential exposures.
  • Interactive surveys with branch logic. These can help patients provide feedback without human contact and report any hygiene breaches.
  • Digital meal ordering, which eliminates the need to pass around paper menus between patients and staff. This reduces the amount of potential infection sources and eliminates any human “middlemen” taking orders and risking exposure. Menus are patient-specific and only display items available based on each patient’s diet orders.
  • Service/item requests decrease human-to-human contact while helping patients get the care, services, and items that they need. Patients can request items (e.g., blankets and water), and that reduces the number of personnel that needs to come in and out of a patient’s room.
  • Live streaming for distraction therapy or education. For example, one of our partners live streams an aquarium for their pediatric patients. We can display a feed from anywhere a camera can go. Our VA partners also display the Veteran News Network to show veteran-specific content.
  • Distraction therapy in the form of on-demand movies, HDTV, and the patients’ own streaming services in order to keep patients relaxed.
  • Relaxation content and sleep aids, which help patients feel at ease. Even simple solutions, such as a fan sound during sleep, can help calm the environment.

Digital Patient Door Display & Digital Signage
EHR-integrated digital patient door display, up-to-the-minute digital signage

Digital Patient Door Display integrates with the hospital’s EHR to instantly display outside the patient room, isolation contact, or other precautions to ensure that nurses and staff have proper personal protective equipment (PPE) before entering a patient’s room. This can also warn visitors that the patient is in isolation and cannot have visitors at that time. Information is instantly updated based on real-time available information in the EHR.

Other features include other customizable notifications and precautions and a patient reposition countdown clock that can flash when it’s time to reposition a patient in order to avoid pressure ulcers.

Digital Signage broadcasts up-to-the-minute information for patients, staff, and visitors. It can broadcast specific alerts as information changes (for example, sudden changes in visitation policy or availability of transport). Digital Signage can also display educational content (e.g., proper handwashing technique, educational information from the CDC about COVID-19). The tool requires no special training and uses a simple drag-anddrop editor. It’s also an easy way to disseminate vital information in multiple languages.

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