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PerfectServe's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Clinical Communication & Collaboration
Enable users to connect with the right people at the right time to respond more effectively to emergent situations

Heightened communication is critical during a crisis, and PerfectServe’s Clinical Communication and Collaboration (CC&C) solution—a key part of the company’s Unified Clinical Communication platform—makes it possible to connect with the right people at the right time to respond more effectively to an emergent situation.

PerfectServe has extended a complimentary offer to all customers for select software and services for COVID-19 purposes. Included in this offer is best practices support to optimize CC&C. Use cases that have already been implemented to help customers manage the COVID-19 pandemic include:

  • Broadcast messaging:
    • Create a list to contact the entire staff. Include information like hospital status and emergency protocols.
    • Set up a targeted list for Critical Care, Infectious Disease, and Respiratory Therapy. Central to COVID-19 treatment, this group requires frequent communications that shouldn’t be sent to the entire staff.
  • Team alerts:
    • Quickly activate COVID-19 treatment teams, including roles like Critical Care, Infectious Disease, Respiratory Therapy, Administrator On-Call, Health Department Official, Patient Placement, etc.
    • Aggressive notification and automatic escalation to backup personnel drive rapid intervention.
  • Temporary testing sites (outdoor or drive-through clinics):
    • Create an on-call schedule for providers serving patients in temporary settings. Consider a toll-free hotline to easily reach on-call providers.
  • Dedicated COVID-19 on-call services for:
    • Health Department official.
      • Due to limited test supplies, some providers need prior approval before administering tests.
    • Chaplains/spiritual care.
    • Staff roles dedicated to COVID-19 such as Transport, Infectious Disease Physician, EVS, etc.
    • NOTE: If case volume increases, providers may have to “take turns” responding to new patients. PerfectServe’s on-call rotation feature evenly distributes each message to the next available provider in a team.
  • Answering service:
    • Update PerfectServe voice prompting to advise patients of COVID-19 symptoms and guide them on next steps (e.g., contact local health department officials or wait outside upon arriving, limiting waiting room exposure).

Lightning Bolt Provider Scheduling
Generate optimized schedules and respond flexibly to staffing changes

During a pandemic, healthcare organizations experience unusual fluctuations in patient load, and their care providers are also at increased risk of falling ill or experiencing acute burnout. Lightning Bolt, PerfectServe’s Provider Scheduling solution and a key part its Unified Clinical Communication platform, generates optimized schedules and responds flexibly to changes—both valuable traits during an unpredictable public health crisis like COVID-19.

Several Provider Scheduling customers have reached out for assistance implementing new assignments and schedules to ensure their facilities are optimally staffed amidst changing conditions. Client needs have included the following:

  • Create COVID-19 assignments for increased provider coverage.
  • Create backup slots if need arises to fill in for providers diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Set up cross-departmental scheduling to provide coverage for other specialties.
  • Alter scheduling rules to reduce location switching to decrease provider risk of exposure.
  • Show availability of non-working providers if need arises to backfill other providers.

PerfectServe has also extended a complimentary offer of select software and services to all customers for COVID-19 purposes, including implementation of the Patient & Family Communication solution (automated patient outreach via text message) and free services to implement best practices for its other solutions. As part of this effort, PerfectServe teams (especially Professional Services and Product Management) continue to work with customers closely, so additional value and client assistance continue to surface as more organizations optimize their COVID-19 strategies.

Patient & Family Communication
Engage patients with relevant COVID-19 updates and instructions via text message

PerfectServe’s Patient & Family Communication (PFC) solution—a key part of the company’s Unified Clinical Communication platform allows healthcare organizations to engage patients with relevant COVID-19 updates and instructions via text message. Because of its potential impact and short implementation time, PerfectServe has extended a complimentary offer of PFC software and services to all customers for COVID-19 purposes.

Sample PFC use cases PerfectServe has implemented for COVID-19 include:

  • Announce curbside test access to patients:
    • On-demand message is initiated by nurses in a call center, which points the patient to a specific clinic site.
    • Message instructs the patient to park, call a designated phone number, and wait for a test to be administered at their vehicle.
  • Conduct two-way secure messaging with patients:
    • Secure, encrypted messaging interface enables two-way communication with patients.
    • Gives providers the ability to conduct risk or screening assessments to ask about symptoms and monitor responses.
  • Inform patients how, when, and where to access care:
    • Includes both physical care access and hyperlinks to existing virtual clinic or telehealth platforms.
  • Provide patient education on best practices for disease avoidance and management:
    • Can be as simple as pointing patients to the CDC website.
  • Try to catch potential cases before they walk in the door:
    • After a reminder for an appointment is delivered, another message can follow asking the patient to call to initiate a phone screening with a clinician if they have flu-like symptoms.

PerfectServe’s PFC solution can be launched with different outreach modes depending on the customer’s needs and resources. Simple one-way patient outreach with predefined content can be live within days, while more sophisticated two-way messaging with pathways that can be timed with scheduled events can be live in a couple of weeks. PFC implementation requires customers to supply formatted patient lists and data, including patient telephone numbers.

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