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ezCaretech's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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BESTCare helps track and monitor both patients’ and providers’ risk of COVID-19 through temperature and respiratory symptoms and remotely monitors patients who have been diagnosed

Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS): In Korea, government agencies notify medical institutions of patients’ immigration records for COVID-19 quarantine purposes. BESTCare checks and notifies the medical staff in real time if a patient has been to a highrisk country related to COVID-19 or to an outbreak area within Korea.

Electronic Health Record (EHR): In order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, major hospital clients had to prevent in-hospital infections through the use of the EHR. The following two recommended strategies have been implemented to minimize in-hospital infections. First, body temperatures and respiratory symptoms of all employees are checked every morning and registered into BESTCare. Second, vital signs of all inpatients recorded electronically in BESTCare are monitored periodically, and the possibility of COVID-19 contraction is thoroughly examined by infection specialists for patients with fever without an apparent source of infection.

Rapid Response System (RRS): RRS has been provided to client hospitals and fully integrated into the EHR in order to monitor all inpatient test results and vital signs 24/7. The system has worked particularly well in wards where COVID-19 patients are hospitalized. Without any direct physical contact, medical personnel can monitor the status of all COVID-19 patients at a glance. Furthermore, an early warning system allows medical personnel to quickly intervene if a patient’s situation worsens. The Rapid Response Team, comprised of intensive care specialists and nurses, can monitor COVID-19 patients and easily consult with other doctors in real time through BESTBoard, the 55-inch touch screen monitor of RRS.


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