Harris Healthcare

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Harris Healthcare's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Dynamic matching of nurse skills to patient acuity and complexity

AcuityPlus uses a proprietary research-based methodology to determine patient-centered staffing needs and workload-balanced assignments while promoting safe, efficient care and positive patient outcomes.

Patient care needs and nursing availability can change on an hourly basis related to the COVID-19 healthcare crisis. AcuityPlus dynamically matches nursing skills (such as ventilator management) to patient acuity and complexity and then recommends the required staff to promote continuity of care and equitable assignments. The use of AcuityPlus results in safer patient care, less staff burnout, and overall positive outcomes.

Harris Infection Control/Antimicrobial
Real-time data related to patients’ COVID-19 status and condition

Harris Infection Control/Antimicrobial provides instant access to COVID-19 information, such as diagnostic test data, culture results, confirmed positive cases, isolation statuses, medications, and therapy days. That enables staff to treat patients effectively and improve outcomes.

With configurable admission/triage assessment tools based on CDC, WHO, and PHAC public health agencies, Harris Infection Control/ Antimicrobial includes recommended COVID-19 screening questions for identifying infected or at-risk patients.

The solution sends out real-time alerts to a clinical communication system to inform necessary personnel when a positive COVID-19 result is identified so that the infection control protocols can be initiated. Patient outcomes are improved when positive cultures are identified faster and patients are isolated in a timely manner.

Uniphy Health enterprise-level clinical mobility platform
Secure clinical alerts regarding COVID-19 test results and patient symptoms

Uniphy Health enables clinical alert notifications to key personnel while preserving the privacy and HIPAA-compliant security of patient data.

A positive COVID-19 test result will immediately trigger a text, voice, or email message to the ordering physician, nursing coordinator, infection control team, and others who need to be aware.

Similarly, the documentation of patient-reported COVID-19 symptoms automatically triggers alerts to clinical and coordination personnel so they can quickly arrange isolation procedures to protect staff and other patients.

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