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Health Insights's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Online MCC COVID-19
Multiple functionalities for population management Management Solution

Health Insights is empowering hospitals and patients by providing an online MCC COVID-19 Management Solution.


  • Keeping hospital services for confirmed cases.
  • Reducing overcrowding of patients at hospitals.
  • Reducing patients’ exposure to coronavirus by managing patients’ noncritical health activities remotely.
  • Minimizing providers risk of exposure and virus spread.
  • Tracking spread of cases across a geography.
  • Providing smart, configurable, electronic COVID-19 forms for triaging, documentation, and reporting that are integrated into the EMR and hospital workflow.

MCC COVID-19 Management Solution

Patient side: Providing a secure online consultation model via mobile application and patient portal

  • Personalized patient communication with providers for medical advice anytime, anywhere.
  • COVID-19 self-assessment with configurable recommendations and automated, rule-based online medical consultation request based on assessment score.
  • Online medical advice: self-assessment result will be included with the online consultation request for providers to be aware of patient’s medical condition with an option to choose from voice (recording or dictation), video, or online chatting to talk to nominated providers by hospital to discuss their health issues.
  • Location detection and sharing the patient’s contact number can be sent by the mobile application while conforming to patient privacy and information confidentiality.

Hospital side:

  • Hospital clinical staff will be alerted with online requests and will be able to take relevant actions regarding each consultation.
  • Patients’ online requests will display chronologically with each request waiting time.
  • Requests can be filtered by patients’ answers to self-assessments, age, and chronic conditions.
  • Hospital can act proactively by targeting patients susceptible to severe complications if they are infected such as elderly patients and patients with chronic conditions.
  • Actions available to providers for responding to online requests:
    • Triaging patients based on hospital triaging scores.
    • Flagging patients who need follow-ups with automatic alerts.
    • Sending targeted educational materials or dispatching containment teams to patients’ locations for isolation.

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