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Innovaccer Inc.'s Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Population health management solution
Self-assessments, virtual care, patient education and outreach, and other resources to help with COVID-19

In our attempt to combat COVID-19, we are focusing on five initiatives to help healthcare professionals and caregivers:

innovaccer population health management solution triage workflow
  • Self-Assessment Triage to Reduce Practice Load: In these times, patients and healthcare professionals are anxious, and rightfully so. Unfortunately, we have a finite number of caregivers globally. We want them to be safe and focused on individuals who are at risk as a result of the disease. With our patient-focused mobile and web self-assessment, we help with initial triaging and screening so that caregivers can focus on the highest-risk individuals and more effectively deal with the increased request for services.
  • Reduction of Documentation Burden for Caregivers: We want our caregivers focused on spending time with patients rather than doing paperwork. Through automation, we are ensuring appropriate documentation, while caregivers are able to spend more time with patients.
  • Enhanced Virtual Care: With our point-of-care telehealth solution and COVID-19 Management System, we are helping caregivers manage more patients virtually.
  • Patient Education and Outreach: We have built educational content for patients that primary care practices and hospitals can use to educate patients and help them stay safe and reach out to hotline numbers during an emergency.
  • Enhanced Care Management: We have COVID-19 care protocols in our care management workflows and embedded analytics to help our customers manage patients better and to reach out to high-risk patients at the earliest possible time.

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