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OnShift's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Human capital management resources
Recruit candidates, onboard new employees, reward employee contributions, and help employees who are facing financial strain

OnShift’s next-generation human capital management platform provides an innovative approach to recruitment, hiring, scheduling, and engagement to help healthcare providers when it’s needed most.

  • OnShift Employ: The labor market has changed dramatically in a short period of time. The number of hourly employees displaced due to COVID-19 rises daily. OnShift helps providers tap into this newly created job pool so you can match those displaced with the vital vacancies that need to be filled. Source, recruit, hire and onboard candidates with lightning-fast efficiencies while reducing time-to-hire and creating a memorable candidate experience.
  • OnShift Schedule: In the current climate, staffing visibility and proper communication are essential. OnShift Schedule provides real-time insights to identify gaps and fill shifts quickly. OnShift’s robust messaging system is frequently used in emergency situations by quickly and easily broadcasting text messages to all employees at once. This can be used to update staff on new developments and safety precautions, recruit staff to fill shifts, or for other important notifications.
  • OnShift Engage: Staff are at the center of every healthcare organization and letting them know their contributions matter remains a priority. OnShift Engage allows those who are fighting on the frontlines of COVID-19 to be consistently rewarded and recognized for their contributions. Weekly pulse surveys help gauge staff satisfaction and capture feedback so you can better support your teams.
  • OnShift Wallet: The economic impact of COVID-19 is far reaching. Many healthcare workers have become the sole breadwinner for their families and face financial strain. OnShift Wallet gives employees access to earned, but unpaid wages, between paychecks so they can avoid high interest rate loans, costly overdraft fees, and expensive late penalties.

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