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PaxeraHealth's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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PaxeraHealth: Corona Care
Track, monitor, and engage with those released from a hospital or ED that have confirmed cases of COVID-19

PaxeraHealth: Corona Care is a platform designed to help governments, health systems, and providers track COVID-19 related symptoms of potentially infected patients. The platform is used directly for patients that have been examined at a clinic or ER and need to be sent home. It includes an app to track whether individuals have moved from low-risk groups into high-risk groups as well as to provide instructions and precautions for dealing with symptoms. A provider portal enables providers to categorize patient cases by severity and mitigate risks of public spread by providing all patients with knowledge and resources to deal with low-risk symptoms at home, while also tracking the development of symptoms in higher-risk patients.

Upon discharge from a clinic or ER, the patient will receive a QR code to download the application and link to the healthcare facility. The platform includes a mass enrollment module that can send text message invites to a population. After the download, registration, and identification process is complete, the patients will receive a push notification to answer a preliminary COVID-19 survey regarding their recent travels and basic symptoms. Patients will receive customized, frequent COVID-19 surveys during the time of treatment to track symptoms as well as the ability to directly report dramatic changes in their symptoms immediately to their providers. Results of these surveys are available to the physicians and call centers via the provider portal and are color-coded by severity of case. Providers can request the return of high-risk patients to the facility for more in-depth care or communicate via built-in instant messaging and video calling.

The platform enables healthcare providers to communicate with their patients outside of the facilities via instant messaging or video calling as well as receive up-to-date patient vitals and a copy of the patients’ relevant medical records. The app enables patients to request their medical data from the hospital EMR via FHIR connection to be shared with the providers on their portal from all other healthcare systems or sources. The app enables patients to add their imaging studies, wearables, and digital devices such as digital thermometers or “patient generated data.”

The system gives the providers a full view of the patients’ current and previous health data. If permitted by the patient, providers will be able to geolocate a patient in case of emergency. The app will include a bulletin board to give instructions and guidelines about COVID-19.

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