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PeraHealth's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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The Rothman Index platform COVID-19 update
Capacity management specifically aimed at helping health systems address the anticipated influx of patients

PeraHealth has launched a new capacity management feature specifically aimed at helping health systems address the anticipated influx of patients from the COVID-19 pandemic. This enhancement to The Rothman Index platform incorporates the clinical criteria relevant to COVID-19 and will help hospitals safely and efficiently identify patients as candidates for discharge, and that will improve patient flow and allow hospitals to admit and treat more patients.

This new product enhancement is built on the Rothman Index platform, which includes a suite of FDA-cleared, clinically validated tools for use across the patient surveillance ecosystem. Powered by machine learning, the Rothman Index uses patient vitals, labs, and clinical assessments in the EMR to drive actionable insights toward patient care.

The new enhancement supports seamless access within the EMR, optimizing ease of use by clinicians while providing an on-demand, real-time graphical view of patients meeting criteria for discharge consideration. The system allows both preconfigured as well as customized criteria, providing valuable flexibility for use with different diagnoses and service lines. It is adaptable to align with changing operational realities within the hospital. The tool permits discharge filter criteria to use not only Rothman Index-based criteria but also a wide range of other clinically relevant measures for COVID-19.

Using the qualified short list of patients tagged for discharge consideration enables caregivers and case managers to engage quickly in the clinical conversation of, “Is there a reason not to discharge this patient?” They can also discuss the patient’s potential transition to a lower level of care or an at-home quarantine protocol.

Rothman Index solutions are renowned for being research driven and evidence based, and PeraHealth’s latest offering is no different by being created in consultation with expert nurses and physicians and underpinned by analysis of over 100,000 patient discharges from multiple hospitals around the United States.

PeraHealth’s goal is to help hospitals quickly identify acute care patients that are candidates for discharge, freeing much needed hospital bed capacity in the ongoing fight against COVID-19. The new capacity management feature is being made available to all current Rothman Index customers and is an option for any organization wishing to implement Rothman Index solutions.

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