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Healthcare Business Intelligence 2018

Healthcare Business Intelligence 2018
Who’s Advancing Data Analytics & Infrastructure?

Authored by: Julie Beard and Lois Krotz August 16, 2018 | Read Time: 5  minutes

Organizations’ business intelligence and analytics infrastructure is often composed of multiple solutions working in conjunction and on top of one another. As standard capabilities like data acquisition, storage, and management become commonplace, providers are experimenting with solutions that leverage more advanced capabilities to reduce costs and improve outcomes. This report validates those advanced capabilities, explores the healthcare outcomes being achieved by vendors’ clients with the most advanced usage of their solutions, and attempts to provide some helpful categorization in a market with a lot of options and historically little transparency.

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Key Findings

  1. Industry Insight & Context
  2. The Vendor with Deepest Adoption Is . . . Epic?
  3. Advanced Analytics Newcomers Making a Splash
  4. Highest Performers Improve Patient Care and Reduce Costs; Cerner Still Immature
  5. Microsoft Waking Up in Healthcare? Premier New Entrant, Again
  6. Promises of IBM Cognos' Transformative Power Evaporate; Open-Source Technology Threatens Cross-Industry Behemoths
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