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Imaging IT Landscape 2016

Imaging IT Landscape 2016
Enterprise Platform: The Next Nirvana?

Authored by: Amy Fetter Johnson & Monique Rasband April 5, 2016 | Read Time: 2  minutes

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As provider organizations expand their patient responsibility and make strategic purchases to meet the needs of an evolving healthcare landscape, imaging IT stands out as an area for consolidation and growth. Providers are faced with the challenge of working more collaboratively with disparate products across a variety of segments. To help providers quickly determine which vendors best meet their needs, KLAS examined the breadth of current offerings and the consistency of vendor delivery across the portfolio.

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Merge is the only vendor with a deeply adopted offering in all the core imaging IT segments measured in this report. Merge provides strong best-of-breed functionality, their support is responsive, and the acquired solutions interface well. GE Healthcare has significant brand recognition, and their IT solutions are often considered. However, customers report poor integration, slow service, and a lack of product development for their portfolio of largely acquired solutions. Adoption of GE’s newer offerings has been slow, but they are being widely considered. Agfa HealthCare’s development of acquired legacy solutions has been slow, though enterprise imaging development shows promise and is gaining momentum.

vendor portfolios overall performance vs breadth


INFINITT outperforms all other vendors for development of new technology. Their tightly integrated, web-based platform allows them to quickly develop new tools in areas such as cardiology. This strong performance, combined with expansion into enterprise imaging, has both INFINITT and non-INFINITT customers alike considering them as a strategic future partner. Though Siemens does not rate the lowest for functionality and development, provider satisfaction is declining, and around one third of customers have plans to replace Siemens. Philips’ inconsistent delivery has pulled performance down, but early adopters of their new platform are optimistic about the future.

vendor energy functionality vs development

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