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Oncology 2008

Oncology 2008

June 20, 2008

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Oncology is a challenging market to compete in. Protocols utilized in medical oncology are more complex than those used in other medical specializations. Tracking mechanisms must be extremely accurate in the ordering and calculations of chemotherapy drugs. Features that are relatively standard in other IT applications, such as scheduling, billing, and changing a patient's treatment plan, become a challenge to successfully implement in an oncology environment.

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Overall, the market is fairly immature with only a modest number of vendors currently delivering medical oncology solutions. There are, however, several vendors poised to enter the market. Providers have many questions regarding which vendors are proven to work in oncology, where the big IT vendors are in this market, what viable solutions are available today, and what impacts do these solutions have in helping cancer organizations.

Three vendors who qualified for ranking in the Oncology study were:

  • IMPAC Oncology
  • IntrinsiQ IntelliDose
  • Varian ARIA

The study sample represents an even mix between inpatient and outpatient organizations. Additional vendors are included in the report with anecdotal information.

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