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PACS 2018

PACS 2018
Achieving Success from Selection to Go-Live

Authored by: Eder Lagemann and Emily Paxman October 11, 2018 | Read Time: 3  minutes

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Consolidation among provider organizations continues to drive a high level of purchasing energy in the PACS space. In this report, KLAS aims to help organizations in any stage of the buying process—from vendor selection to go-live— by highlighting which vendors providers are purchasing and why, what to look for to avoid buyer’s remorse, and the keys to success after a vendor is selected.

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net new us pacs contracts

Reputation Drives High Purchasing for Intelerad, Sectra, Change Healthcare

Intelerad, Sectra, and Change Healthcare have each won many high-volume new contracts. Interest in Intelerad is driven by the vendor’s reputation for providing strong usability and catering to large imaging centers and national radiology service providers. Sectra’s industry-wide reputation for stellar service has contributed to their expansion into larger, more complex acute care organizations. Known as a strong imaging partner, Change Healthcare has seen steady growth following the McKesson merger, particularly in large IDNs with eight or more sites, and the vendor’s development and functionality are popular among radiologists.

Adoption of Agfa HealthCare’s New Platform Remains Low

KLAS has validated seven net new contracts for Enterprise Imaging in Radiology (additional wins were submitted after the research deadline). Implementations have been difficult, communication is weak, and support continues to be a challenge. Most of Agfa HealthCare’s large IMPAX customer base has not moved to the new platform. Due to challenges they have had in the past getting value from IMPAX or getting the needed level of support, they have mixed feelings about the new platform, and several are evaluating other vendors alongside Agfa HealthCare.

study methodology

Vendor-Provided Lists of New Contracts

KLAS used vendor-provided client lists to validate the number of new contract wins each vendor signed from January 2016 to December 2017. To be counted, contracts had to be for volumes of over 20,000 studies/year. Through phone calls with clients, KLAS directly validated at least 60% of the wins on each vendor’s list.

KLAS Decisions Insights Data

Since the beginning of 2017, KLAS has been gathering data about which vendors are being replaced, considered, and purchased and the factors that drive these decisions. In this report, all references to organizations’ purchasing motivations come from this data set.

KLAS Performance Data

KLAS’ standard performance survey, which consists of 1–9 ratings questions as well as several yes/no questions, captures feedback and insights from live customers. All references in this report to current customer satisfaction come from this data set.

technology and relationship ratings

Good Relationships Lead to INFINITT’s High Customer Satisfaction and Novarad’s Improvement 

Almost all INFINITT customers are highly satisfied, praising the vendor’s transparent pricing, good overall relationships, and stable product. INFINITT has begun to prove scalability in larger organizations, though their primary footprint is still with smaller customers. Novarad’s overall ratings from clinic customers have increased roughly 10 points over the last year, thanks to improvements to the support response time, problem resolution, and training efficacy. These improvements have also boosted customers’ opinions of Novarad’s value and technology. As mentioned, Sectra also has a reputation for proactive relationships and is known for development that is quick, meaningful, and reliable.

would customers buy again and part of long term plans

Many GE Healthcare Customers Would Not Buy Again

GE Healthcare was chosen in only three net-new deals (excluding channel-partner sales, which were submitted after the research deadline), and more than half of customers say they would not buy the product again, citing unexpected costs, a nonexistent relationship, broken promises, and slow development. Many who are staying note that IDN-level plans prevent them from switching to another vendor. Siemens saw no net-new wins, and many customers plan to leave due to downtime and a lack of development, partnership, and vision. Though the majority of Philips’ customers would buy the solution again, roughly one-fifth are exploring other options, citing slower support response times and issues with the offshore support (which has improved since its initial rollout).

keysto asuccessful pacs go live
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