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GetWellNetwork's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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GetWell Inpatient
Community awareness, infection prevention, and critical patient communication

We want to empower patients to learn the signs, symptoms, and best practices that prevent the spread of the virus.

Community awareness

  • Provide direct links from promotional space to public health information and guidelines from the CDC and WHO sites
  • Broadcast messages to patients in real time with custom, system-wide, or localized content

Infection prevention

  • Deliver video education and on-screen reminders for hand hygiene and other best practices for infection control
  • Limit in-room peripheral devices with the GetWell Remote mobile app that pairs patient smartphones with in-room TVs

Critical communication

  • Communicate vital information and precautions with GetWell Signal, an interactive digital panel mounted at point of room entry
  • Upload CDC-approved guidelines on personal protective equipment requirements

GetWell Loop
Management and monitoring of COVID-19 populations; mitigation of health system overload

GetWellNetwork is pleased to offer a bundle of COVID-19 content and virtual care plans developed in collaboration with clinicians from Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, The George Washington University School of Nursing, LifeBridge Health and Sanford School of Medicine, USD. These care plans have been developed and will be maintained based on information and guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO). They are designed to mitigate health system overload by facilitating proactive communication, remote monitoring, and responsive guidelines. The educational content, care plans, and our digital Loop technology will be provided at no cost to existing clients and for a discounted set-up fee to non-clients. Leading organizations across the country are deploying the following market-ready Loops and we can go live in as few as 2–4 days:

COVID-19 Self-Monitoring Loop (14-day care plan): Designed for patients with no symptoms and indirect exposure to COVID-19. For patients, this Loop will allow them to follow the latest clinical and social distancing guidelines, self-monitor for symptoms, and understand what to do and who to contact if symptoms appear. For providers, they will be able to provide branded, accurate, up-todate clinical guidance and instructions to target populations, monitor self-reported outcomes trends, and keep people at home unless a physical interaction or test is required.

COVID-19 Self-Quarantine (Active Symptom & Self-Monitoring) Loop (14-day care plan): Designed for patients with active symptoms or known or direct exposure to individual(s) who have tested positive. For patients, this Loop will allow them to follow up-to-date, specific instructions for self-quarantine and symptom reporting and to interact with a care provider or care manager to determine if further testing or clinical intervention is required. For providers, this Loop allows them to manage and monitor their current panel of patients remotely, triage resources to patients in highest need, and keep people at home unless a telehealth visit, physical visit, or test is required.

GetWell Practice
Identify at-risk patients and address urgent needs

The GetWell Practice Symptom Screener offers first-level screening. Symptom screening questions allow staff to identify at-risk patients and address needs urgently.

Available from home or on-site, the prescreener helps reduce overcrowding in waiting rooms and decreases the potential for exposure in packed physician offices and urgent care clinics.

  • Prompts guide patients through a series of questions
  • If symptomatic, staff members are alerted, the iPad locks, and the iPad routes patients to front desk
  • There, the care team can triage and conduct secondary screening as needed
  • Preregistration patients that screen positive are encouraged to stay home and coordinate care and next steps by phone
  • Reporting capabilities include tracking patients that screen positive

GetWell Rounds+
Digital rounding and customizable surveys; rapidly assess your organization’s readiness for a public health crisis with real-time data

Developed by SreyRam Kuy, MD, MHS, FACS, an Aspen Institute Health Innovator, the Kuy COVID-19 Preparedness Assessment Tool, facilitated by GetWell Rounds+, helps organizations and communities quickly gauge their preparedness for COVID-19 and identify areas of weakness for future strategic targeting.

  • Access via scannable QR code or URL link
  • 2–¬3 minute completion time
  • Simple “yes” or “no” questions
  • Scorecard provides immediate feedback
  • Export to Excel or PDF

Healthcare and Business Versions

Both based on Centers for Disease Control resources, the easy-to-use survey tools can be quickly deployed across a healthcare system, community, or business. The tools are available at no cost with or without a GetWell Rounds+ subscription.

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