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IMAT Solutions's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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COVID-19 reporting and analytics
Real-time analytics generated from patient information from all points of care and across the continuum

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow in severity, real-time patient information from all points of care and across the continuum of care is critical. With support from IMAT Solutions, our clients are focused on three areas of reporting and analytics specific to COVID-19.

  • Event Based: This covers information related to who was tested, the results of tests, positive diagnoses, who treated the patients, and where the patients were treated. This information not only includes patient, provider and clinical information but is also linked to geographical data.
  • Population Risk Surveillance: IMAT Solutions clients provide reports and analytics based on a combination of symptoms, diagnoses, procedures, tests administered, test results, and medical equipment. Clients are also able to search through notes, comments fields, and any other unstructured text-based data to include in reporting and analysis.
  • Alerts and Notifications: IMAT Solutions understands that providers and caregivers are overwhelmed with notifications and alerts under “normal” conditions, and while most COVID–19 information is delivered through real-time reporting, long-term care and assisted-living facilities, homeless shelters, and walk-in clinics will benefit from alerts and notification for patients at risk.

To address the challenge of evolving clinical codes such as laboratory tests, diagnoses, and medical equipment as well as the combination of codes used to identify patients at risk, IMAT Solutions is maintaining a centralized collection of all required clinical codes as they are identified. Updates will be published daily and delivered through IMAT Sets which allow for the creation of profiles based on clinical codes and any other clinical data required to identify patients who may be at risk. Leveraging Sets, clients are able to update all queries, reports, and data extracts with the latest clinical codes in a matter of minutes.