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RevSpring's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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RevSpring Financial Distress Score

RevSpring has responded to the COVID-19 crisis by creating a Financial Distress Indicator™ to help healthcare providers understand which of their patients are most financially impacted by the pandemic. 

Building on years of industry experience and healthcare payment expertise, RevSpring’s financial distress measurement model helps hospitals and other healthcare providers adapt their billing and payment tactics to a patient’s dynamic fiscal conditions, such as COVID-19.

Traditional credit score propensity to pay models do not take COVID-19 financial changes into account. With insight from the Financial Distress Indicator, healthcare providers can approach patients with balances in the most appropriate manner. Providers can leverage their knowledge about which patients may need new payment options including:

  • Flexibility to delay payments until they can find new jobs or return to previous ones if on furlough
  • Adding empathetic messages to their print statements, patient portals, inbound and outbound IVR scripts and more
  • Customizing online statements for the affected patients to find the right combination of compassion and collections

Arrived™ Virtual Check-in Tool

RevSpring's virtual check-in tool, Arrived™ helps keep patients and staff safer during the COVID pandemic, but also has lasting implications for pre-appointment check-in functionality 

RevSpring Arrived™ connects patients and front office staff digitally, with easy-to-use check-in communications and co-payment processing to safely and efficiently welcome and prepare patients for their appointments.


Arrived helps solve the short-term challenges of minimizing waiting room contact in the wake of the highly infectious coronavirus. Clients will also appreciate the long-term impact of collecting co-payments without burdening already busy registrars.


Arrived is available as a stand-alone application for any provider in need of secure check-in communication—including online registration and customizable text messages. Optionally, Arrived integrates with RevSpring’s Talksoft® appointment reminders and RevSpring payment tools for a consistent and smooth patient communication and payment process. 

The recent HHS Price Transparency Ruling requires new solutions

True Price™, which allows hospitals to comply with the coming HHS Price Transparency ruling builds upon RevSpring's patient access suite of services including existing estimation tools 

IVR Advantage for Digital Payments

Automated inbound IVR solution to capture patient payments automatically; Agent Assist to ensure patient card numbers are kept secure

Reduce wait times

Some clients are experiencing an increase in demand for call centers and support teams in response to the COVID-19 crisis. To quickly respond, we’ve streamlined an automated inbound IVR solution to help ease burdened support staff by capturing payments automatically. With this simplified IVR, we can get setup and running in as little as 3 days and allow patients to avoid being on hold for long periods.

Agent Assist for PCI Compliance

More employees are working from home to slow COVID-19 transmissions. When CSRs are taking calls and payments over the phone, it’s more challenging to ensure PCI compliance. Agent Assist ensures that card numbers are not spoken to the CSR and gives patients greater peace of mind while paying over the phone.

PersonaPay Solutions for Online Payments

Dynamic propensity-to-pay models; payment-portal messaging

PersonaPay is now available within Epic's App Orchard

Dynamic Models for Propensity to Pay

Using precise propensity to pay technologies, our solutions can match payment options, including payment plans and financing, to the needs of each patient dynamically within the payment portal.

Using payment portals for messaging

Some healthcare organizations are sharing updates and timely details on their patient payment portal with clickable banner messaging that links to additional information regarding COVID-19 response, payment policy changes, and other helpful news for patients.

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Financial Communications

Promote payment plan options and extend grace periods for patients; prioritize digital billing channels to increase engagement and reduce costs

Patient Statement Payment Plan Graphics

Some customers are providing new payment options to help patients cope with the economic impacts of the pandemic. Special messages on outgoing patient statements promote payment plan options and extend grace periods for patients who may need more time to fulfill their financial obligations.

Digital First Statement Delivery

We’ve seen an increased interest in clients shifting from printed communications to prioritize digital billing channels first to increase engagement and reduce costs. Digital communications can be sent with increased speed and effectiveness at a fraction of the cost.

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