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Global EMR Market Share 2017

Global EMR Market Share 2017

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2016 saw a significant increase in EMR purchasing decisions across the globe, with lower-cost InterSystems and higher-cost Epic winning more new hospitals than their multiregional and regional competitors. In addition to cost, many other factors were important in providers’ decisions, and many vendors across the pricing spectrum had strong years. How did your vendor fare? This report looks at new hospital EMR contracts (vendor wins) that occurred outside the United States in 2016.

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Key Topics

  1. InterSystems and Epic Pull Ahead of Other Multiregional Vendors
  2. MV, Agfa HealthCare, ChipSoft Holding Steady Against Multiregional Vendors
  3. EUROPE: Lower-Cost DXC Technology (CSC), InterSystems Winning in the UK; Epic Expanding in Nordics
  4. MIDDLE EAST: Public Hospitals Entrenched with Cerner; Private Hospitals Have More Options Than Ever
  5. LATIN AMERICA: MV Successfully Migrating and Expanding; Philips Struggling with Conversion
  6. Epic Up and Coming in Canada, InterSystems Expanding in Asia, Oceania Quiet in 2016
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