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Accenture's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Elastic Digital Workplace for Crisis Management and Operations
Secure cloud access to scale and modernize on-premises VPN capabilities, extend collaboration platforms, enhance network capabilities and security, train end users for remote worksites, and ensure a reliable user experience

Rapidly adding IT capacity to sustain operations while maintaining service quality is essential today. Accenture’s Elastic Digital Workplace uses secure cloud access to scale and modernize on-premises VPN capabilities, extend the use of collaboration platforms, enhance network capabilities and security, train end users for remote worksites, and ensure a reliable user experience including:

  • Tactical: Provide highly scalable, secure remote access to enable business continuity.
  • Operational: Identify and address network access needs by business function.
  • Strategic: Achieve elastic, flexible, edgeless security (zero trust, controlled environments) with automatic remediation and automatic scaling capabilities; reducing IT system complexity and security risk.

Accenture is ready to help you:

  • Enable remote worksites including rapid remote secure access to ensure continued operations by using remote device-asa-service deployment, application access, and remote device support (MAC, Windows, IOS, Android, Chromebooks) while unifying user, desktop, mobile, and remote access management.
  • Ensure collaboration services at remote worksites are deployed, optimally configured, scalable, and reliable.
  • Promote process automation while leveraging cloud service capabilities to help streamline operations and help desk requests, enabling a self-sufficient engagement platform to include bots and digital workflow integrations.

Business Continuity

The crisis requires an updated approach to remote access, collaboration, data availability, network performance, reliability, security, governance, risk, identity, and compliance. At the same time, it is paramount to focus on the well-being of staff members, patients, and the community.

Accenture is helping health clients with crisis response management by:

  • Ensuring stability of business functions, the workforce, and supporting technologies.
  • Prioritizing new ways of working through confident, consistent, and reliable communication channels.
  • Developing response hubs to enable and triage new workforce capabilities and secure remote access.
  • Embedding security parameters by derisking the adoption of remote access to sensitive data environments.

Scalable Remote Access

Accenture and Palo Alto Networks together provide a highly scalable VPN solution that can handle a large influx of workers who are connecting remotely and need increased bandwidth for video conferencing, VOIP, and more. It is also easy to plug into existing corporate infrastructure providing access to data centers.

Remote Collaboration
Assistance implementing, configuring, and enablingMicrosoft Teams across the enterprise

As the largest user of Microsoft Teams in the world, Accenture is familiar with the collaboration capabilities of this tool not only from an implementation perspective but also from a user perspective. Accenture can assist your teams in implementing, configuring, and enabling this solution across your enterprise, even scaling to integrate with electronic health information systems (as appropriate). We have a readily deployable playbook to engage local clinical teams and construct virtual engagements, including live deployments for specialty and general.

Rapid Response Insight Services
Support for digital health cases across the health continuum, from prediagnosis through wellness

We help accelerate the creation of health solutions by providing the connective tissue to necessary data, technology and services. Our catalog of microservices can be deployed at scale to support digital health cases across the health continuum, from prediagnosis through wellness. We offer:

  • Fully integrated insights services, data, and a platform to combine data from fractured sources, including EMR, genomics, labs, state, federal, and social.
  • Diagnostic screening and quality assurance: Our out-of-the-box COVID-19 Contact Center Virtual Agent with a prebuilt library includes conversational, AI-powered capabilities to handle inbound and outbound citizen and patient inquiries including chat, voice, and avatar.
  • Virtual monitoring: AI-enabled home healthcare solutions to manage COVID-19 include prescreening, diagnosis, care plan creation, enrollment, and monitoring connecting providers, patients, and caregivers.
  • Precision care: Using AI to analyze the care pathway and variations of pathways to identify the ideal path for each patient, leading to personalized care. Providing timely alerts to appropriate healthcare providers when deviations occur.
  • Intelligent inventory access: Enabling the ability to access and integrate real-time retail inventory for consumer and medical products and diagnostics via a dashboard and API.
accenture rapid response insight service diagnostics and screening

Social Media Monitoring
Monitor, prioritize, evaluate, and engage with social media activity across all leading platforms

At a time when social distancing is essential, it is more important than ever to monitor and utilize social media data as a learning mechanism. Accenture has tools and resources available 24/7 to monitor, prioritize, evaluate, and engage with social media activity across all leading platforms. The insights gathered can translate into action such as:

  • Predicting and informing location decisions for COVID-19 testing centers.
  • Gathering customer insights to drive response strategies and content creation.
  • Triaging anticipated surges in ER visits or inbound call volume.
accenture rapid response insight service diagnostics and screening

Supply Chain Crisis Response
Crisis assistance team, forecasting tools for predicting shortages, and other resources to help organizations manage and procure critical supplies and assets

Healthcare organizations nationwide are struggling to manage and procure critical supplies and assets in the current state of the disrupted healthcare supply chain. Normal supply channels are not available, and most organizations are having difficulty managing the changing inventory and rapidly attaining additional supplies.

These challenges manifest in three ways:

  • Shortages: Dwindling stocks in most categories of personal protective equipment for caregivers (gowns, masks, gloves, eye protection, etc.) and ventilator equipment.
  • Communications: Buyers are being inundated with calls from caregivers asking about supplies and order status due to a lack of effective proactive communications to caregivers and constituents about the current state and mitigation steps being taken.
  • Crisis management: Lack of access to information to both manage the crisis and run day-to-day operations.

Accenture is ready to assist with critical actions such as:

  • Implementing a crisis assistance team to stand up a response room function to plan, coordinate, and support supply chain crisis and day-to-day efforts.
  • Providing daily tracking and monitoring by a full-time crisis assistance team to identify risks, prioritize actions and activities, and oversee coordination of multithreads of response. This team would also augment your organization’s supply chain resources to enable business continuity.
  • Enhancing forecasting via forecasting tools that help project where outages are likely to occur over the next week, two weeks, three weeks, and so on and provide information to communicate with staff on the status of supplies throughout the entire organization and determine the major priority supply groups.
  • Sourcing critical items by leveraging sourcing expertise and manpower to contact alternate suppliers to identify potential sources of supplies.
  • Improving network capability by utilizing relationships with alternative manufacturers outside of healthcare that may have local facilities with the capability of PPE supply manufacturing (e.g. Boeing currently working with Providence Health in Seattle).

Surge Response for Contact Optimization
Conversational AI specifically configured to handle inbound callers with COVID-19 related concerns

Accenture’s Surge Response for Contact Optimization consists of a “Digital Assistant” approach comprising conversational AI specifically configured for COVID-19 to provide inbound callers with general educational information about COVID-19, review symptoms and provide access to testing capabilities, and offer clinical monitoring for patients quarantining at home.

Accenture offers virtual assistant accelerators to help manage patient communications. These COVID-19 assistants contain prebuilt assets for the leading natural language processing (NLP) platforms to rapidly integrate with channels, configure and train the NLP, and transition to live agents.

The solution is integrated with digital channels to quickly triage and prioritize the surge of calls fielded by the contact center. This solution can be initiated from a website, mobile device, interactive voice response (IVR), asynchronous SMS, messaging apps, or social media and easily escalates to a live chat agent or nurse, if necessary.

accenture surge response for contact optimization conversational platform

Accenture would work under the client’s clinical regulatory, licensure, and oversight structure. Accenture professionals and/or Accenture may be restricted from performing certain services for all or some states.

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