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Caregility's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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COVID-19 Virtual Disaster Response
Free 90-day capacity expansion for current customers of the UHE Telehealth platform

Caregility has created a COVID-19 Virtual Disaster Response Program to help the medical community prepare and care for COVID-19 patients. For current customers, this includes capacity expansion of the UHE Telehealth platform for 90 days at no cost, including use of the iConsult mobile application and iObserver virtual patient observation sitting application. New customers will also receive 90 day, no-cost capacity expansion after the purchase of the base UHE platform configuration.

Applications include:

  • iConsult—a clinician interface providing audio/visual controls for virtual rounding, check-ins, and consults; the ability to add other participants into the call, like specialists, family, and other care team members.
  • iObserver—for continuous observation of up to 12 patients per clinician on a single screen; useful for spot checks and rounding for multiple patients at the same time.
  • iConsult Mobile—for extending iConsult to mobile devices for clinicians to reach patients in outpatient facilities or in the home.
  • Access Point-of-Care Systems with cameras—small form factor, wall-mounted systems and mobile carts to place in patient environments for access to remote virtual care.
  • Integration—iConsult and iObserver are integrated with multiple EHRs and other clinical workflow software to provide a seamless experience.
  • Secure—HIPAA-compliant communications platform connecting all patient & clinician environments.

Additionally, Caregility has created new streamlined mobile carts ready for rapid deployment in emergency departments and containment units for assessments, observation, screening, and communication to minimize clinician staff exposure to COVID-19. Remote observation and virtual rounds enable clinicians to monitor patients and assess their treatment progress without entering the patient’s room. Our platform can also enable regular virtual family and friend visits, which can help patients get through a long containment period.

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