PatientKeeper's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Clinical Communications Suite Now
Supports physician access to patient data and secure messaging with peers via smartphones and tablets

In crisis care settings, instant access to patient records and communication with care team members from mobile devices are essential. Clinical Communications Suite Now optimizes and integrates with MEDITECH EHR systems that do not provide such functionality natively. It is available on a six-month renewable contract for an affordable fixed fee with a low-overhead implementation.

patient keeper clinical communications suite now mobile view

Advantages to providers:

  • Immediately access patient records via native iOS and Android apps on smartphones and tablets
  • Securely message care team members, consultants, practice administrators, and any other necessary hospital staff with embedded patient context
  • Share quick notes about patients with other providers using a simple “scratch pad” to capture the most salient points—ideal for handing off to coverage and/or in a high-volume, high-throughput crisis care/triage environment
  • Support telemedicine practice by enabling remote access to patient records
  • Treat more patients more quickly

Advantages to hospital IT:

  • Low-overhead deployment
  • Hosted solution, minimal on-site IT requirements
  • Limited six-month commitment
  • Confidence that comes from working with PatientKeeper, which has tens of thousands of mobile app users at healthcare facilities across North America and the UK and 20 years of experience

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