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Quil's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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COVID-19 Preparedness Tool
Provide patients and caregivers with the most important and latest advice from trusted sources

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When it comes to advice regarding COVID-19, too much information can be a bad thing. All Americans are now having to prepare for, and deal with, a pandemic while keeping themselves and their loved ones safe. With that in mind, Quil has created an app that is an action plan containing the most important, highest impact information and steps to take to support healthy living at home and adjust to new worklife balance realities.

The Quil platform is designed to be personal and engaging to help individuals take actionable steps toward becoming the healthiest version of themselves. With the onset of COVID-19, many individuals have found their home and work environments completely disrupted. By compiling the most important and highest impact information and aligning it with steps that individuals can take to care for themselves and their loved ones, we can help individuals live their lives despite the disruption of their environments.

The Quil COVID-19 Action Plan and Resource Toolkit provides:

  • COVID-19 information and recommendations to support flattening the curve
  • COVID-19 symptoms and CDC recommendations on what to do if you are sick
  • Actionable steps to help prevent and protect against contracting the virus, including hygiene, social distancing, household planning, grocery shopping safety, and many others
  • Caregiving best practices for tending to a loved one or friend infected with the virus
  • Self-care, stress reduction, and in-home exercise techniques and resources
  • Best practices to improve productivity and focus when working from home

This COVID-19 Preparedness Tool will be updated daily to support new information and emerging best practices.

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