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VigiLanz's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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COVID-19 alerts
Alerts for real-time case identification

VigiLanz’s team of Certified Infection Preventionists is proactively providing alerts for real-time case identification as well as additional targeted support, including:

  • Syndromic screening for COVID-like illnesses. VigiLanz monitors vitals, imaging, and notes to identify possible patients who have not tested positive, yet need to be isolated.
  • Identify all patients being screened, as well as positive patients. VigiLanz can enable alerts for patients that have testing ordered, alerts for all results related to COVID-19, and/or for COVID-19 positive tests. Customization is based on the needs of the infection preventionists at the facility.
  • Identify patients who are at high risk, and identify clusters of the disease. VigiLanz has rules to identify high-risk patients that can be deployed in circumstances like this. VigiLanz also has the ability to alert IPs when clusters of specific organisms occur.
  • Identify opportunities to change medications from those that are in short supply related to COVID-19. VigiLanz can alert frontline pharmacists when specific medications are ordered to help limit their use.
  • Identify patients that were missed through all other means of screening and identification (the “swiss-cheese model”). VigiLanz has rules that leverage ICD-10 billing codes specific to coronavirus to help ensure that any missed patients are identified to limit further exposures.
  • Understand the current COVID-19 burden on healthcare systems. Reports including data on admissions, testing, ICU utilization, ventilator utilization, medication utilization, etc. provide system-wide insight.
  • Manage the impact of COVID-I9 on employees. Work up employee exposures, furlough needs, testing, and disease acquisition in the outbreak tools.

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