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WELL Health's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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WELL Rapid Release Program
Unified patient communication through automated broadcast messaging

To help in these tough times, WELL Health has worked with our partners to fund and engineer the Rapid Release Program (RRP) that allows health systems to manage urgent COVID-19 patient communications at scale and that can be fully deployed in just 48 hours. RRP deploys a lightweight, crisis-oriented version of WELL below cost to new customers and provides unlimited use of our most critical features for 90 days.

RRP eases the burden on call centers and front desk staff to provide consistent and timely communication. For patients, reaching out to their providers is as easy as sending a text or email or starting a web chat. WELL, on behalf of the provider, analyzes the content and automatically responds or routes the message to the appropriate staff group.

WELL’s robust EHR interface means there is no need for duplicate data entry. Our analytics and workflow back end is designed for central administration, and the platform can support unlimited users and integrations, including integrations with telehealth vendors. It is easy for staff members to learn in 15 minutes, and they can begin using it immediately.

RRP Includes the following:

  • Automated and live texting
  • Unlimited users
  • Support for SSO, domain provisioning, and IP white-listing
  • User roles that allow for restricted access to specific locations or providers
  • Audit logs with all conversations, which can be posted back to the EHR
  • Editable message content that can be personalized by provider, location, and event type
  • 19 languages

The WELL platform is already enabling existing clients to respond to the dramatic increase in call volume and patient inquiries related to COVID-19. WELL clients sent more than 630,000 messages related to COVID-19 during the first two weeks of March. Inbound messages increased 51 times during the same time period.

RRP is designed to quickly onboard new health systems with frictionless patient communication tools. By automating a high percentage of the communications traffic, provider responders can optimize their time and efforts on scenarios that require a human touch. In addition, provider resources can perform these tasks from any location, including their homes.

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