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Ambulatory EMR 2009 Ambulatory EMR 2009
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Ambulatory EMR 2009
On Track for Meaningful Use?

December 18, 2009

Much has been written and even more has been discussed about meaningful use since the passage of the HITECH act. For ambulatory practices, the introduction of HITECH has had two major effects on electronic medical record (EMR) adoption. First, it has effectively derailed many buying decisions that were already in progress. Second, it has compelled many practices that were not previously interested in an EMR to start paying attention. Both parties are now concerned about missing out on available reimbursement bonuses or, worse, paying non-compliance penalties. But with limited time and resources, just how long can a provider organization wait to commit to an EMR vendor and still hope to make meaningful use deadlines?

With these concerns in mind, how close are EMRs to meeting meaningful use requirements today, based on the guidance provided by the HIT Policy Committee in July 2009? Which EMRs have functionality gaps that might be difficult to overcome before HITECH deadlines hit? To answer these and other questions, KLAS interviewed 1,458 providers about 26 EMR solutions. (Only products that were rated by 15 or more providers are included in this Executive Overview. More information on both fully rated and partially rated vendors is available in the full report.)

author - Robert Ellis
Project Manager
Robert Ellis
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