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Ambulatory EMR Report 2007 (Over 25 Physician Practices)

Ambulatory EMR Report 2007 (Over 25 Physician Practices)

February 13, 2007

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Know the vendors that are playing in this larger physician market. Understand some of the benefits and challenges that large practices are facing with implementing EMRs. Know the extent of physician adoption in utilizing EMR functionality. Understand why performance scores have decreased significantly over the past two years. Know what some of the challenges organizations are facing in rolling out EMR functionality and integration with inpatient systems.

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Overview and Key Points:

This report provides a snapshot of today’s Ambulatory EMR (25+ Physicians) vendors and compares their strengths and weaknesses against one another. It also compares their combined average to the KLAS HIT average (the average of all Healthcare Information Technology products in the KLAS Database). In this report, readers will find assessments of current standings as well as vendor performance trends in the EMR market.

Collectively, Ambulatory EMR (25+ Physicians) vendors have sustained their ability to perform above the KLAS HIT industry average. However, the Average Ambulatory EMR (25+ Physicians) Vendor had a 2007 Overall Rating of 80.4. This average has decreased since 2005 from 85.0.

This research finds that although broader functionality is available from the vendors, physician resistance and lack of beneficial functions are the primary reasons behind modest and sometimes low utilization.

The research shows substantial benefits to many of the practices that have implemented the systems but considerable challenges remain during implementation.

Vendors Included in the Main Body of the report:

Allscripts/A4 TouchWorks EHR
Cerner PowerWorks EMR
Epic EpicCare Ambulatory
GE Centricity EMR
InteGreat IC Chart
Misys EMR
NextGen EMR

Early Data Section:
Companion EMR
LSS (Meditech) MPM
McKesson Horizon Ambulatory Care
Practice Par

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