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Subject Expert
Adam Cherrington
Research Director
KLAS Research Director - Adam Cherrington
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Average for Patient Outreach ##.#
Software Average for KLAS Rated Products ##.#

Single Physician

The product does not have 15 surveys from facilities with 2-10 physicians, but has at least 15 when including surveys from single physician facilities.


Component products typically include most but not all components that comprise a complete system or a product that serves only a subset of the market.

Limited Market Share

This solution does not have a sufficient number of live customers to qualify for a Best in KLAS ranking.

Not Primary

Not Primary designates products that are not the lead product offered by the vendor in the market segment but may still be purchased.


Regional classification denotes that the majority of data from live organizations comes from a small, specific geographical area.


Superseded products are legacy products and other products that are not generally marketed, or where marketing is superseded by another product in the same market segment.

Emerging Technology

Emerging Technology products are products....

Market Energy

This is an indication of the relative considerations of Market Energy within the shown products from the

Decision Insights KLAS Data

Market Energy Levels:

Low Market Energy
Medium Market Energy
High Market Energy
Not Enough Data

Org Sample Size

  • n = total survey sample size
  • u = # of unique organizations surveyed
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