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Microsoft's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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COVID-19 Patient Scheduling and Screening Template
Manage high volumes of test requests and provide efficient testing with minimal physical contact

Microsoft has developed a COVID-19 Patient Scheduling and Screening Template to help provide proactive outreach, self-assessment tools, and efficient testing processes. Key features include:

  • Keeping patients informed: reach out to high-risk patients proactively to share self-serve information on your website
  • Self-assessment risk screening: determine which individuals should be tested by enabling a configurable risk assessment
  • Preregistration for testing: gather basic information and generate an encrypted QR code then guide an individual to a testing facility
  • Automated testing process: utilize the encrypted QR code for patient check-in to minimize contact, verify the individual’s identity, conduct the test, and attach the specimen ID via scan or manual entry
  • Interactive dashboarding: track assessments, tests given, test results, risk categories, and more

In-Hospital Emergency Response
Instantly report on available beds, equipment in use, COVID-related patients, and more

Microsoft has created an In-hospital Emergency Response solution to help provider organizations gain visibility into critical supplies and resources—everywhere across their facilities.

In-Hospital Emergency Response Components

  • Mobile app—for frontline workers (RNs, charge nurses)
  • Power BI dashboard—for healthcare decision makers
  • Web app—for hospital IT admins

Power App Solutions

  • Emergency Response app for frontline staff to report key resources—On first use, nurses simply choose their hospital system, location, and facility to start tracking key data points. The app flexes and grows to track whatever information your organization needs most.
  • Staff + equipment—Collect status of current number of patients, registered nurses on duty, and critical equipment by location in a given facility.
  • Supplies—Track key supplies to track, manage, and forecast inventory more effectively. When this data is reported to dashboard, decision makers can evaluate supply and burn rate across entire hospital system.
  • Staffing needs—Collect requests for personnel by department, role, and urgency. When a request is sent to the dashboard, it can be evaluated and resourced as appropriate.
  • COVID-19 stats—Collect status on how many patients are under investigation for COVID-19 and how many tested positive.
  • Discharge planning—Collect status and projections on patient discharges across different categories in a given facility. Getting this information would helpful to a facility to meet surge demands.

Emergency Response and Decision Support Dashboards

  • Get a dashboard view of all the data and insights collected through the mobile app to manage and maximize use of resources.

Admin + Configuration Center

  • Admins define hospital locations, supplies, and equipment so RNs can report quickly and accurately. Drill down on the details and adapt to changing conditions in just a few clicks.

Microsoft Power Platform Template Application for Crisis Communications
Coordinate internal information sharing and team collaboration in response to evolving conditions in times of crisis

As COVID-19 cases spread globally, employees at Microsoft have assembled a solution for organizations to coordinate internal information sharing and team collaboration in response to evolving conditions in times of crisis.

Crisis Communication Apps based on this template have already been implemented at hundreds of organizations around the world. Key features include:

  • Employees can report their work status (e.g., working from home) and make requests. This helps managers coordinate across their teams and helps central response teams track status across an organization
  • Admins can use the app to push news, updates, and content specific to their organization and provide emergency contacts specific to different locations
  • The app includes the ability to add RSS feeds of up-to-date information from reputable sources such as WHO, CDC, or a local authority
  • The app is GCC (US Government Cloud) compatible

Microsoft is giving all Power Apps users temporary access to a premium feature, Power Apps Push Notifications, so organizations won’t need any premium licenses to use Power Apps to push information to users for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis.

Microsoft is working closely with the user community to support organizations in their efforts to implement this template and add capabilities based on user suggestions.

Microsoft Power Virtual Agent Crisis FAQ Bot
Customizable chat interface for disseminating COVID-19 information

The Microsoft Power Virtual Agents team has created a customizable Crisis FAQ Bot to help organizations make information easily available to people regarding COVID-19 through a chat interface that can be implemented on any website.

The Crisis FAQ Bot is fully customizable in low code and can provide answers in response to frequently asked questions from people looking for information, such as customers, employees, and students.

Below is an example of some key suggested topic groups for a bot built to handle a crisis response. This example is based on similar crisis efforts like the CDC site FAQ.

  • Emergency contact information for your organization
  • Advisories specific to your organization
  • General public health information (for example, based on CDC site FAQ)
  • Preventive measures and tips (based on CDC site FAQ)
  • Exposure assessment (based on CDC site FAQ)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (based on CDC site FAQ and on actual questions that have been asked of your organization from all sources, including your bot in production)

Organizations can sign up for the Power Virtual Agents trial version to create a bot and customize topics as needed for intended audiences. A 30-day free trial of the bot is available and currently may be extended for an additional 30 days.

After deploying the Crisis FAQ Bot, organizations can track what users are asking about and how the topics are performing using the built-in analytics capabilities in Power Virtual Agents. This will help you adapt your topics to address what your users are asking your bot.

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