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SR Health by Solutionreach's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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SR Health initiative
Various patient engagement and communication capabilities related to COVID-19

After delivering 50 million COVID-19 communications on behalf of their clients during the first week of the crisis in the U.S., Solutionreach and its SR Health initiative have seen heightened provider focus on three areas:

  • Providing access and education to patients from their homes via text, voice, and/or email
  • Minimizing waiting room traffic to keep patients safe
  • Managing unprecedented call center and office patient call volumes.

To assist large healthcare organizations during this time, Solutionreach has identified key capabilities in our product that provide the greatest benefit during this outbreak and is offering free 30-day usage. Organizations can begin deploying messages within 48 hours.

Customer usage and adoption have gravitated toward these features that the Solutionreach team is rapidly enhancing:

  • Telehealth links embedded in appointment reminders, previsit instructions, and group messages convert appointments from in-office visits to telehealth.
  • Text-first group messages allow providers to communicate through the most effective medium (90% open rate among patients). These group messages enable targeted outreach to high-risk patients, certain demographics, and patients with upcoming appointments. Many organizations lack this capability and have only email-based group messaging.
  • Previsit instructions about COVID-19 symptoms encourage patients to take extra precautions or follow specific directions.
  • Previsit screening via digital check-in forms allows for prescreening for COVID-19 symptoms and reduces time patients spend congregating in waiting rooms or touching equipment (clipboards and in-office tablets).
  • Two-way text messaging enables communication with patients who have a question but, because of high call volumes, face long wait times for response. Office staff can handle multiple conversations at once while still focusing on in-office patients. Two-way text also allows patients to check-in remotely from their vehicles. Staff can text the patients when it’s time for them to see their provider.
  • Post-appointment surveys enable providers to gather follow-up information from patients that can help prevent the spread of sickness or allow them to provide additional care.

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