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Smart Pumps 2007

March 21, 2007

There is a keen interest around the performance of smart infusion pump technology, due to the swirl of press relating to medication errors. In its most recent study Preventing Medication Errors (July 2006), the Institute of Medicine (IMO) reported that “when all types of errors are taken into account, a hospital patient can expect on average to be subjected to more than one medication error each day.” The IMO goes on to suggest that hospitals “make greater use of information technology in prescribing and dispensing medications … including the adoption of smart infusion pumps."

The Smart Pumps 2007 report introduces a new KLAS research focus in the Medical Equipment area, and features four vendor products: B. Braun Outlook, Baxter COLLEAGUE, Cardinal Health Alaris System (formerly known as Medley), and Hospira Plum A+/MedNet.

This report includes an overview of the provider experience, including:

  • Details from live customers on who is:
    • Wirelessly interfaced to their smart pumps
    • Tracking their pumps using RFID or other technology
    • Using barcode scanning to program pumps and do 5 Rights checking
  • In-depth user commentary
  • Data around what functionality is missing
  • What ROI can be assessed from having this technology in place
  • Analysis of client win/loss commentary provides insight into the Smart Pump vendor selection process and the reasons why or why not a vendor is selected
  • Pricing information on smart pumps solutions
  • Win/Loss information—who else was looked at in the selection process, who was selected, why? etc.

Also featured in the Smart Pumps 2007 report are Vendor provided overviews, including:

  • self-reported strengths
  • weaknesses
  • product technical assessments
  • commentary on the smart pump vendor competitive
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