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Smart Pumps 2018 Smart Pumps 2018
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Smart Pumps 2018
Deeper Partnering Needed

author - Jackson Tate
Jackson Tate
author - Paul Warburton
Paul Warburton
July 12, 2018 | Read Time: 3  minutes

With increased pressure to reduce medication-administration costs and improve efficiency, provider organizations are looking for smart pump vendors capable of being strategic partners. In interviews with KLAS, organizations identify several ways vendors can do this: (1) develop strong customer relationships that extend beyond just the implementation; (2) drive EMR interoperability; (3) help customers get strong financial value from the pumps; and (4) provide analytics and reports that produce actionable insights. This report aims to discover which vendors deliver best in these key areas.

Partnering through Relationships

While pump vendors often partner well with their customers during implementations and training, over time this partnering will usually drop off to a more maintenance-based relationship. However, provider organizations want strong partnerships that continue beyond the initial implementation and help them optimize and improve pump usage. Organizations that have implemented pump/EMR interoperability or broad pump platforms are especially in need of ongoing partnering given their added complexity.

baxter strongest in implementation expertise and flexibility

icu medical strongest in post implementation partnering

BD Leads the EMR Interoperability Charge by a Significant Margin

EMR interoperability is one of the biggest drivers in new pump purchases and has a significant impact on whether vendors are viewed as long-term partners. BD is viewed as such, thanks to their market-leading efforts in driving interoperability and to the versatility of the multimodular Alaris platform. ICU Medical is a distant second in bringing customers live with interoperability but is more likely than BD to provide strong handholding and guidance through the interoperability experience. Lacking autoprogramming, the Baxter Sigma Spectrum does not have bidirectional interoperability; the newly released Spectrum IQ does, and customers are optimistic about it. The few B. Braun customers live with interoperability achieved it on their own; the vendor is now engaged in helping a couple more go live. Interoperability is less of a priority for Smiths Medical customers since the Medfusion pump is syringe only.

organizations live with pump emr interoperability

No Pump Vendor Excels at Helping Customers Reduce Costs

The Baxter customers who report that the vendor partners with them to lower costs often mention having an account representative who advises them on efficiency improvements, consumables discounts, and product bundling. However, not all customers report strong guidance from their account representative. Smiths Medical customers report value due not to ongoing cost-reduction efforts but to the vendor’s economical contracts, which include benefits such as free upgrades and free loaner pumps. BD and ICU Medical help customers bundle pumps and consumables; customers who have interoperability also report cost savings as a result of autodocumentation. Additionally, ICU Medical customers can purchase fewer pumps due to the product’s dual-line design. B. Braun customers feel the vendor generally brings up cost savings only when trying to make a sale.

vendor guidance in driving value

Smiths Medical Top at Delivering Actionable Insights; B. Braun Inconsistent in Providing the Hand-Holding Needed for Reports to Be Useful

B. Braun and Smiths Medical both have new reporting systems. Smiths Medical’s Medfusion 4000 customers feel the reports are easy to use and enable them to drill down to a helpful level of detail. B. Braun’s new reporting tools aren’t widely adopted; some users do not receive the guidance they need to gain actionable insights. Baxter and ICU Medical customers get helpful detail and actionable information, but the reports require too much manual effort. BD’s advanced analytics and reporting module (IKP) costs extra, so not all customers deploy it. Users note that they can manipulate the reports to see helpful granularity and also view IV data from other hospitals within their organization. They would like the system to be more user friendly and would like additional guidance from BD on which data to focus on to drive optimization.

how well does reporting from pump vendor provide actionable insights
author - Elizabeth Pew
Elizabeth Pew
author - Jess Wallace-Simpson
Jess Wallace-Simpson
author - Robert Ellis
Project Manager
Robert Ellis
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