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IBM Watson Health's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Health Insights Population Analysis for Payers
Analytics to help employers and health plans understand and plan for COVID-19’s potential impact on their employees/ members and the associated costs to their business

Solution available in the US. Most people infected with COVID-19 have mild symptoms and recover. Individuals at highest risk for severe disease and death include people over age 60 and those with underlying conditions, such as hypertension, diabetes, and cancer. Employers and health plans need to understand and plan for the potential impact on their employees and members and the associated costs to their business. IBM Watson Health has 40 years of experience in providing analytics to uncover key insights and help improve member health and manage costs and risk.

IBM Clinical Development
Unified, cloud-based clinical data management system that can help reduce the time and cost of clinical trials and help life sciences bring therapies to market faster

IBM Clinical Development will be offered, with no charge, to Eligible Sponsor Organizations that are part of the fight against COVID-19. IBM Clinical Development is well positioned to accelerate the fight through unity, agility, global reach, and UI.

  • Unity: partnering to find a cure. ICD’s open platform capabilities are designed to seamlessly integrate and overcome implementation obstacles.
  • Agility: fast start-up and updates. ICD’s industry-leading study start-up and midstudy update speed enable new trial builds in as few as 4 days.
  • Global reach: built to cross borders. ICD’s 50+ languages and international scale is positioned to quickly support affected geos.
  • UI: designed to jump-start. ICD’s industry-leading user interface requires minimal coding and shortens user learning curve.

treatment decisions and patient conversations related to COVID-19

Clinicians and healthcare professionals on the frontlines of care will have free access to hundreds of pieces of evidence-based, curated COVID-19 and infectious disease content from IBM Micromedex and EBSCO DynaMed. Using these two rich decision support solutions, users will have access to drug and disease information in a single and comprehensive search. Clinicians can also provide patients with consumer-friendly patient education handouts with relevant, actionable medical information. IBM Micromedex is one of the largest online reference databases for medication information and is used by more than 4,500 hospitals and health systems worldwide. EBSCO DynaMed provides peer-reviewed clinical content, including systematic literature reviews in 28 specialties for comprehensive disease topics, health conditions and abnormal findings, to highly focused topics on evaluation, differential diagnosis and management. Evidence-based information at the point of care to support informed

Phytel & Market Expert
Automated solutions to support patient engagement and population health management

  • Phytel: Available in the US. The COVID-19 virus, in addition to seasonal flu and other respiratory illnesses, is overburdening medical practices and EDs. Medical practices are a trusted source of information for their patient communities and need a way to communicate with their populations and direct them to appropriate resources, including telehealth. IBM Watson Health has 40 years of experience in providing automated solutions to support patient engagement and population health management.
  • Market Expert: Available in the US. The uncharted territory of the COVID-19 pandemic presents unprecedented challenges for the US healthcare system. Healthcare providers need to stay informed about their local COVID-19 situation, develop their facility’s emergency plan, prepare for necessary staffing such as emergency medicine, develop plans to communicate to patients in their market, and identify the most at-risk populations in their market.

Various imaging-related COVID-19 resources
Remote image viewing, hosting, sharing, storing, and access

  • Remote imaging viewing, hosting, sharing, storing, and access are available in the US. IBM Watson Health is a leading provider of innovative artificial intelligence, enterprise imaging, and interoperability solutions. These Merge-branded imaging solutions have been used by providers for over 25 years to facilitate the management, sharing, and storing of billions of patient medical images.
  • As healthcare providers struggle to manage volumes of patients and volumes of data, we can help provide a way to easily collect, manage, and store images. IBM customers may be seeking to optimize their imaging platform and successfully refocus their resources from infrastructure support. IBM is a trustworthy hosted service provider that offers an operational expenditure (OpEx) model and extensive resources. Hosted enterprise imaging on IBM’s private cloud has the robust architecture and security-rich features that help promote business resilience and meet the needs of growing infrastructure. This solution helps support current and newer workloads with an agile, configurable infrastructure featuring some of the latest hardware and software and the ability to scale as needed.
  • IBM Watson Imaging’s downloadable true zero web viewer is available in any browser. Clinical data in its native format is aggregated from multiple sources to a “single pane of glass” with diagnostic-quality, real-time collaboration capabilities. By combining image exchange tools with the universal viewer, images can be shared throughout the enterprise or around the world with easy-to-use tools on a powerful, scalable platform.

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