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Dolbey's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Dolbey is committed to providing the same level of service and support throughout the COVID-19 crisis. We’ve taken steps to ensure that our customers can get the most out of our products even as their needs shift or their workstation changes. Our workforce is now nearly entirely remote and is equipped to serve the needs of our customers with the speed and excellence that we always have.

The pandemic changed a lot for each of us personally – but also it had a significant impact on our clients’ processes, workflow, and reporting.


Speech Recognition Solutions

Home workstations

Dolbey’s cloud-based speech recognition solution, Fusion Narrate® powered by nVoq™, can be installed remotely for use with EHRs. Through our experience with remote installation, implementation, and training, we’ve been able to assist customers with setting up home workstations. We’ve worked individually with physicians and transcriptionists who transitioned to working remotely as the result of COVID-19 to ensure they could continue using our products. Those who are working at home workstations still receive full support from the Dolbey team and can remotely carry out any of their daily activities at the same capacity as before.

Updated speech contexts

Our company and products are constantly evolving. As new medical discoveries are made or documentation processes are updated, we update our speech recognition products to handle the new terminology or recognize words in a new context. As part of our ongoing efforts related to the COVID-19 crisis, the Dolbey team has added terminology related to COVID-19 to our speech contexts to accurately recognize these new terms in speech.

Improving the speed and accuracy of documentation has never been more important – we’re here to help as your team’s needs evolve.

Computer-Assisted Coding and Clinical Documentation Improvement Solutions

Early in the pandemic, Dolbey communicated to our Fusion CAC™ and Fusion CDI™ customers that we would waive licensing fees for customers who were expanding their bed count to accommodate a rise in COVID patient populations. That offer remains in place today. Dolbey provides computer-assisted coding for coders and CDI specialists that were significantly impacted.  

Coders had to first learn how to code this new diagnosis along with the new signs and symptoms that came along with it. Then switch gears after a month of coding, on April 1, in which a new diagnosis from an emergency code release for a new U code set was put into motion. This in addition to new CPT codes almost monthly to accommodate testing for COVID . Then adding on a new set of technology codes for PCS on August 1st with new PCS codes – and what seemed to be new guidelines evolving every week. With each change, we’ve acted quickly and efficiently; understanding that clients are going through unprecedented times ensuring the most up-to-date codes, coding clinics and groupers.  

With these new coding guidelines also came a change to their “QA” process to review COVID charts before going out the door. Those clients now have the needed workflow changes to support QA and we continue to evolve as new initiatives come into place. The new CMS guidance that started on September 1st is an example. It includes a new requirement for hospitals to get a Medicare payment boost for caring for patients diagnosed with COVID. 

In addition to codes, CDI users’ workflow changed the most because same-day surgery and elective surgeries were halted or significantly reduced. These locations once used for pre- and post-operative turned into overflow inpatient units for COVID patients. With the overflow units/locations normally “excluded” from CDI worklist and/or payers, they would not have otherwise been automatically prioritized and routed for CDI review. We worked with our clients to quickly modify existing workflow to accommodate the new initiatives; sometimes multiple times within a week we would work with our clients to adjust. Although the applications empower clients to change their own workflow, they were facing fast paced, stressful and demanding times. In addition to workflow changes some of them were also consumed with staffing and work-from-home challenges. Our assistance could help them get ahead of workflow and reporting issues they may not have even thought of yet. We will continue this effort through the duration of the pandemic and continue to find ways that we can make a difference to our clients. 

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