Premier's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Custom alerts for COVID-19 and notifying infection preventionists of patients who are at risk, under investigation, or have a positive test result

During this pandemic, one of the most critical activities to prevent the spread of the virus is identification. One of the core capabilities of TheraDoc is the ability to track and respond to outbreaks. Results of up to a 78% reduction in time to collect data for outbreak investigations have been shown.

Premier has deployed a package of custom alerts for COVID-19, notifying infection preventionists of patients who are at risk, under investigation, or have a positive test result for coronavirus. Alerts are available to detect reported symptoms as well as clinical data like vitals, radiology results, travel history, and pending lab test results. These alerts build on the tool’s core capabilities of offering provider organizations a flexible, adaptable response to detecting outbreaks and infections in the patient population.

In addition to the existing capability that TheraDoc provides that allows users to create a unique flag for the patient record, we have launched a custom package of COVID-19 flags. These flags automatically activate with a positive lab result and can be used to track patients throughout their stay as well as maintain a list of those included in the outbreak.

Remote surveillance is a unique service that we offer for TheraDoc members. Our team of certified infection preventionists (IPs) log into TheraDoc daily and maintain normal surveillance duties while the facility IPs focus on preparedness and response. In response to COVID-19, we have increased our resources to support more organizations.

In addition, Premier members have access to:

  • The Premier Safety Institute website and, for TheraDoc users, an online community. Both are updated daily with curated content and resources for clinicians
  • Government advocacy groups, which are at work to support our members and gather recommendations and guidance from Washington
  • Weekly webinars that provide updates and guidance to the clinical and supply chain situations
  • Specific COVID-19 guidance content, planned for an April 1 deployment to current clinical decision support (CDS) users for identification of the most at-risk patients at the point of order

Finally, in alignment with Premier’s core strength of integrated data with unprecedented analytic access, we are evaluating reports specific to COVID-19 for deployment. These reports will be of critical importance as the outbreak subsides and the needed retrospective work begins in order to evaluate outcomes related to both positive and suspected cases.

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