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Orca Health's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Various COVID-19 resources
COVID-19 patient education, health assessment surveys, and results tracking

Orca Health is offering its Patient Communication, Patient Education, and Health Assessment Surveys regarding COVID-19 tohealthcare providers at no cost.

These automated tools allow providers to effectively communicate with their patients:

  • Accurate CDC Patient Education
  • COVID Health Assessment Survey (CVDHA)
  • Custom Survey Cadence
  • Health Assessment Tracking & Results
  • PROMIS Global Health Survey
  • Quarantine Guidance

The COVID-19 Health Assessment Survey (CVDHA) will be sent either automatically to patients within an educational Care Pathway and then resent at a cadence of one, two, three, four, and six weeks for continued risk assessment or at a custom cadence set by the provider.

At this critical time, Orca Health’s HIPAA-secure platform enables patients to access accurate, reliable information from a provider they trust and safely increase patient-provider communication. It also provides a way for healthcare providers to track patient symptoms, evaluate health risks, and encourage informed patient engagement.

Orca also offers digital patient outreach solutions designed to help bridge the gap of elective surgery cancellations and clinical disruptions from COVID-19.

Orca’s Care Pathways can be sent to current or new patients and provide:

  • Quality Patient Education on conditions and treatments for home review
  • Patient Surveys for pain scales and symptoms to help triage and track worsening problems
  • PROMs surveys for completed procedures and ongoing remote check-ups
  • Physical Therapy Videos, gamified for increased engagement and compliance

These pathways can be used to maintain patient-provider communication, reduce calls to clinics, facilitate remote care, and complement telehealth consultations.

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