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Chartis Group's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Digital and Technology Catalysts
Consulting to help organizations find the digital tools and foundational technology needed to support a strained care-delivery system

An era of healthcare delivery disruption has begun as providers are forced to rethink their access, triage, and care strategies given the limitations of their traditional delivery models. Temporary sites of care have emerged, virtual care is accelerating, and command centers are being stood up. Amidst it all, health systems are looking to emerging digital tools and foundational technology to support a care delivery system that will be stretched to provide the care needed during the pandemic. Chartis Group helps clients answer questions like these:

  • How do we deploy digital solutions or AI bots to support patient and physician communications and interactions?
  • What digital solutions can we deploy to support operations?
  • How do I ensure I have the right systems and infrastructure needed to stand up temporary or alternative sites of care?
  • How can we quickly stand up (or optimize) a virtual command center to support operations, capacity, and volume and transfer patients to COVID and non-COVID sites of care?
  • Do we have the right infrastructure, tools, and processes to ensure an effective virtual work environment for those supporting our providers remotely?

Operational Planning and Management
Strategies for handling an influx of hospitalized patients

Capacity and surge planning, access, care team models and resourcing all require different planning approaches for before, during, and post-crisis. Chartis Group is helping clients with access planning, surge and capacity planning, and care-team modelling. For example, we are helping clients answer questions like:

  • How do we best support the needs of our current patients and others seeking triage, testing, and treatment for COVID-19? How do we support our patients with health issues unrelated to COVID-19, especially those that are time sensitive?
  • How will we accommodate the influx of patients who do not have COVID-19 and are currently delaying or deferring care?
  • How can we expand our ambulatory network and capabilities to accommodate both future spikes in demand and support ongoing patient access and care delivery?
  • How can we manage and support our workforce during the pandemic?

Revenue Cycle
Consulting to help organizations mitigate the anticipated financial impact of COVID-19

As health systems shift focus and resources to address overwhelming COVID-19 medical demands, many are by necessity suspending elective procedures and nonurgent visits, leading to dramatic drops in volume and associated revenue, and facing a short-term spike in operating costs related to the expansion of bed capacity and space, supplies, and staffing. To mitigate the anticipated financial impact of these shifts, organizations can look to rapid cash acceleration and cash conservation strategies to strengthen their current position and can take additional steps in the midterm to ensure they are positioned for future financial health and sustainability. Chartis Group is helping clients answer questions like these in the short term:

  • What immediate cash acceleration strategies can we implement?
  • How can we conserve cash?
  • How can we flex staff?

Once the immediate crisis begins to dissipate, Chartis Group can also assist clients with short–to-medium range strategies and longterm planning to optimize financial position and the revenue cycle and prepare for the demand rebound and rebalance productivity.

Strategic Impact and Options Analysis
Consulting to help organizations manage the financial and operational impacts of COVID-19

Health systems’ strategic agendas have paused or shifted for the foreseeable future as they prepare for and combat the COVID-19 crisis. In this environment of unprecedented uncertainty, they are also beginning to evaluate the near-term, mid-term, and longer-term impact on their communities and organizational position. Chartis Group is helping clients answer questions like these:

  • What are the financial implications of COVID-19?
  • What strategic partnerships should I consider in the near-term (e.g., virtual and telehealth partnerships, partnering with Ambulatory Surgery Centers to complete priority elective surgeries, and partnering for testing nonemergent patients)? How does the pandemic impact our broader portfolio of strategic relationships and options?
  • What is the impact of COVID-19 on our longer-term organizational priorities?

Virtual Care
Telemedicine strategies to help organizations contain COVID-19 exposure in healthcare settings and expand capacity

COVID-19 has shifted expansion of telehealth from an “optional” or longer-term play to an immediate and crucial priority. Telemedicine strategies will provide health systems leaders with the tools to help contain COVID-19 exposure in healthcare settings and expand capacity for non-COVID-19 patients to ensure they are not crowded out. Most health systems have used virtual health in targeted areas, but due to reimbursement constraints and inconsistent physician support and adoption, few have fully embraced or invested in these new care models and the supporting infrastructure in a manner which harnesses their true potential. Chartis Group is helping health systems determine how to ramp up these capabilities quickly. This includes helping to answer questions like these:

  • How can we address COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patient needs using virtual care and new virtual care partnerships?
  • Can we leverage our EHR to turn on virtual care through video visits or eVisits?
  • Can we quickly stand up a telehealth capability using a virtual care platform with our own physicians or theirs for rollover capacity?

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