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Dedalus's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Various PHM resources

Tools to help identify at-risk individuals in the community

It’s clear that underestimating the risk has been the most important diffusion medium for COVD-19. In this scenario, there are some preliminary actions that every institution must take very quickly.

  • Address the questions and anxieties of a population stressed from the spread of fake news
  • Screen the population to immediately detect possible COVID-19-positive citizens
  • Guide infected populations toward isolation and quarantine to fight the spread
  • Monitor the phenomenon in real-time to enable quick and effective reactions

To help institutions address these needs, Dedalus believes digital tools can be an essential ingredient. But to be truly supportive and effective, these tools must be simple, easy to use, process-related, and highly configurable. We have moved in this direction with a clear understanding that digital tools are fundamental, but without leadership and organization from the institutional side, it is impossible to achieve valuable results.

dedalus phm resources how we can helpDedalus aims to support the process to quickly screen the population, identify cases that need to be clinically addressed, support the management of cases not in immediate need of hospitalization, and support the surveillance of the outbreak.

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