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ECG Management Consultants's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Management consulting; COVID-19 response Services
Virtual teams to work remotely and collaboratively with incident command and operational leaders to deploy telehealth functionality and assist in the rapid activation of new capacity

ECG Management Consultants is providing smart counsel to optimize strategies, facilities and capital assets, operations and technology, and payment structures. While your organization is diligently preparing for the influx of COVID-19 patients, ECG is prepared to virtually deploy small teams of experts to support your response efforts. Our teams will work remotely and collaboratively with your incident command and operational leaders to temporarily increase your capacity. We have subject matter experts that can help you implement call centers and telehealth operations. Our facilities team is ready to help you navigate the changing regulatory requirements for facility transitions. Our managed care team is monitoring all reimbursement and legislative changes. Clients are requesting support in three key areas of ECG expertise:

  • Managing the Telehealth Boom: ECG Management Consultants believes the response to COVID-19 to loosen telehealth reimbursement regulations will incentivize massive growth and adoption of telehealth platforms across myriad clinical programs. Our teams are available to help implement this new standard for patient triage and management as providers integrate and rely on telehealth as a core function and critical entry point.
  • Transforming Critical and Specialty Care: The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing hospitals to de-emphasize nonessential medical, surgical, and dental procedures and instead prioritize critical care treatment. Hospitals and health systems are building additional bed capacity to hold or screen potential COVID-19 medical patients. Our facilities and reimbursement teams are ready to support altered future facility, financial, and reimbursement strategies for many health systems and hospitals.
  • Staffing Virtual Command Centers: Small and medium-sized hospitals may find themselves struggling to develop, implement, evaluate, and optimize their preparations in response to the current COVID-19 public health emergency. Leaders can access ECG Management Consultants resources virtually for extra bandwidth to:
    • Create website and patient portal content.
    • Develop and implement nurse call processes and messaging.
    • Develop and implement digital health capabilities.
    • Establish alternative care processes and locations.
    • Design and implement patient flow to safely triage patients and create capacity.
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