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Improving the EHR Experience Through Personalization

A Path Toward Excellence

Authored by:  Taylor Davis & Connor Bice, 11/09/2018 | Read Time: 1 minutes

If there were a yellow brick road that led to higher EHR satisfaction, that path would be EHR personalization. Personalization leads to better EHR efficiency, better physician agreement that the EHR enables quality care, more provider trust that the EHR vendor has built a quality tool, and higher overall EHR satisfaction.

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EHR personalization can be divided into three overarching categories: data input, data output, and EHR workflows. Each personalization within these three categories has an immense impact on providers’ Net EHR Experience scores, and on average, providers who report high personalization have Net EHR Experience scores more than 30 points higher than those who don’t.

Unfortunately, instead of investing their own resources into making providers aware of how personalization tools can improve usability and efficiency, many organizations are waiting on EHR vendors to make dramatic improvements to the EHR user interface. But if organizations want to see improvement, all they have to do is focus training and follow-up education on data input, data output, and EHR workflows.

Why Wait?

The biggest issue to overcome? Adoption. 66% of providers have little to no personalization in place. This means two-thirds are losing out on potential efficiency and satisfaction gains. Let’s help clinicians personalize the EHR just as smartphone vendors encourage personalization of their devices.

Where to Start

Helping providers adopt any one personalization can have an immediate impact, but the following three personalizations appear to make the biggest splash:

Layouts Providers who use layouts and find them very useful have a Net EHR Experience score 38.7 points higher than those who do not use layouts.

Templates Providers who use templates and find them very useful have a Net EHR Experience score 38.0 points higher than those who do not use templates.

Filters Providers who use filters and find them very useful have a Net EHR Experience score 37.6 points higher than those who do not use filters.

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