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EHR Education Vendor & Firm Capabilities 2023
Apr 2023

EHR Education Vendor & Firm Capabilities 2023

Augmenting EHR Education Initiatives through Software and Services Offerings

Authored by:  Anna Beyer, 04/28/2023 | Read Time: 5 minutes

Arch Collaborative research has validated education as one of the most impactful factors to the clinician EHR experience. With staffing shortages and limited resources aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare organizations are looking to software vendors and services firms to help improve clinician EHR education. This report specifically examines services offerings and software solutions that can support healthcare organizations in their EHR education efforts.

This report is a compilation of vendor and firm claims about their services and software offerings. See KLAS’ follow-up report for customer validations of these offerings.

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Framework of Services Offerings & Software Solutions for EHR Education

See Vendor- and Firm-Reported Descriptions of Offerings section for descriptions and contact information for measured firms and vendors.

Services Offerings

number one icon orangeStrategy/program development
Includes building education programs, assessing and optimizing current programs, selecting education software, and creating a plan for communicating and marketing educational content; also can help with change management.

number two icon orangeContent building
Creates content that can be used in classrooms or eLearning education sessions; may include build services for simulation environments.

number three icon orangeStaffing
Provides outsourced EHR education resources, ranging from completely outsourced education programs to go-live and/or ongoing education services; assists with EHR educator development or coaching, including providing trainers to fill staffing gaps (with the option to hire those trainers at the end of the contract).

Software Solutions

number one icon purpleContent
Involves how content from multiple sources is created, kept current, and delivered (e.g., via self-authoring tools, video/documentation, or out-of-the-box EHR-specific content).

number two icon purpleScheduling and communication
Assigns or enables clinicians to sign up for courses, coordinates course order/flow, and notifies end users about education opportunities via different outreach options that end users can configure to their preference.

number three icon purpleAssessment and analysis
Tracks completion and proficiency, skills validation (test-out option) may be available; uses dashboards, reporting, and EHR efficiency data to analyze the progress and effectiveness of training efforts.

Vendor- and Firm-Reported Services Offerings

services offerings for ehr education and training

Ability to Support EHR Vendors

Vendors/firms reporting ability to support the EHR vendor; vendor/firms ordered alphabetically

altera digital health logo

Atos, The HCI Group, Optimum Healthcare IT

athenahealth logo

athenahealth, Optimum Healthcare IT

epic logo

314e, Atos, CSI, Divurgent, Epic, Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Experis Health Solutions, The HCI Group, Healthcare Triangle, Medasource, Medix, Nordic, Optimum Healthcare IT, ReMedi Health Solutions, Sedona Learning Solutions, Tegria

meditech logo

Experis Health Solutions, Healthcare Triangle, Nordic, Sedona Learning Solutions, Tegria

oracle health logo

314e, Atos, CSI, Divurgent, Experis Health Solutions, The HCI Group, Healthcare Triangle, Medasource, Nordic, Optimum Healthcare IT, ReMedi Health Solutions, Sedona Learning Solutions, Tegria

Vendor-Reported Software Solutions

software solutions for ehr education and training

Ability to Support EHR Vendors

Vendors reporting ability to support the EHR vendor; vendors ordered alphabetically

altera digital health logo

314e, Assima, uPerform

athenahealth logo

314e, Assima, athenahealth, Epilogue System, uPerform

epic logo

314e, Amplifire, Assima, Epic, Sedona Learning Solutions, uPerform

meditech logo

314e, Amplifire, Assima, MedPower, Sedona Learning Solution, uPerform

oracle health logo

314e, Amplifire, Assima, Sedona Learning Solutions, uPerform

Vendor- and Firm-Reported Descriptions of Offerings 

Vendors/firms ordered alphabetically

arch collaborative member badgeArch Collaborative member

 314e logo

arch collaborative member badgeCasey Post
SVP | Sales and Client Services

314e helps hospitals and health systems drive digital transformation, improve staff efficiency, manage compliance, and enhance the patient experience. Our professional services division provides consulting services, managed services, and staff augmentation services for all aspects of education. Our digital services team assists customers with eLearning content development and ongoing maintenance.

Our education software, Jeeves, is a just-in-time learning platform designed to provide instant access to on-demand training embedded directly into the EHR. Users can maximize their investment in learning by making assets available in context through the high-quality, full-text search, which provides a modern, world-class help experience to healthcare providers.

 amplifire logo

arch collaborative member badgeRebecca Kaufman
Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Amplifire is the leading adaptive online learning platform, built from brain science discoveries. Amplifire’s advanced training solution (co-developed by leading health systems) helps physicians, nurses, and clinical support staff more effectively navigate the patient record workflow, reduce onboarding and training time, and optimize overall system use to enhance EHR investment. Healthcare leaders enjoy better results in less time, and clinicians benefit from a personalized learning experience that respects their time and expertise.

assima logo

Nicole Featheringill
Head of Business Development

Assima provides an innovative patented software program that allows healthcare professionals to obtain competency at the fastest speed in terms of understanding and using critical processes across all healthcare systems. Assima’s software allows professionals to learn by using a digital platform that looks and acts like the EHR, personal health record, personal medical record, and ERP systems. Additionally, the Assima software reduces the total cost of training, increases learning effectiveness, and greatly enhances data security. It ensures that training is carried out on the latest application versions, thereby ensuring that users have the most secure, up-to-date environment for learning.

athenahealth logo

arch collaborative member badgeKristin DeMonico
Training Strategy Manager

athenahealth’s training offering spans from interactive online modules, live and virtual instructor-led training, on-site elbow-to-elbow support, and one-on-one coaching for more advanced topics. We provide role-based curricula that build on each other to first establish basic product knowledge and then focus on optimizing workflows and driving change management around each product release. We additionally aim to proactively recommend applicable training to customers via communication and guidance directly within our application.

atos logo

Nanette Koch
VP, Business Development, Breakaway Adoption Solutions

Breakaway Adoption Solutions provides a proven, research-based methodology that includes organizational change management, effective education, performance metrics, and sustainment services to optimize your adoption journey for years to come. Along with instructor-led training and customized simulators to provide base proficiency, our solution guarantees adoption rates of 90% or higher. In addition, we have trainers and go-live support for any EHR implementation, regardless of vendor.

csi healthcare it logo

Holly Brown
Vice President, Training Services

CSI offers comprehensive training services, including EHR training programs, outsourced steady-state training, training-program optimization assessments, LMS services, and instructional/eLearning design services. Whether we are augmenting an existing team or delivering a full training solution, our expert trainers leverage CSI’s proven training methodologies and customize proprietary tools to meet clients’ objectives. Through efficient classroom training and our focus on provider success, we prepare end users to harness the EHR effectively and integrate it into their daily workflows, leading to smoother and faster adoption.

divurgent logo

arch collaborative member badgeJoe Grinstead
Executive Vice President, Client Service

Divurgent’s holistic training offering includes (1) program planning and design, (2) data-informed training approaches, and (3) results-oriented virtual, in-person, and hybrid training models. Wherever an organization may be on their EHR journey, we offer a variety of training services, such as pre-implementation planning, credentialed/principal training teams, just-in-time training, at-the-elbow go-live support, advanced post-go-live training, and ongoing eLearning for new team members or acquired physician practices.

Arch Collaborative Case Study

Read about how Baptist Health Jacksonville worked with Divurgent to create an interactive and engaging eLearning approach to decrease onboarding EHR education time during the COVID-19 pandemic.

epic logo

arch collaborative member badgeJenna Timm
Epic Training Experience Lead

Epic customers can choose either organization-led or Epic-led end-user training services. With organization-led training, end users receive workflow-based, role-specific training through classes taught by their organization’s training staff, who use Epic’s role-based curricula, eLearning content, lesson plans, readiness materials, and environment recommendations for success during go-live and beyond. With Epic-led end-user training services, end users are trained by experienced Epic trainers through live virtual classes for pre-go-live and ongoing training. Users access Epic-maintained content (including classes, supportive content, eLearning content, and hands-on exercises) through the Epic Learning Platform. Readiness materials are available to support organization-led change management activities.

epilogue systems logo

Vincent Lucey
VP of Sales

Opus by Epilogue Systems increases self-sufficiency and end-user adoption of critical healthcare IT systems (EHRs, ERP solutions, finance solutions, etc.) by automating the creation of job aids, simulations, training manuals, and in-application walkthroughs (Follow Me). These assets are used by PTs, CTs, and other staff members in more than 28 languages. Opus, which is hosted through AWS, also provides high security compliance for PI and HIPAA.

evergreen healthcare partners logo

arch collaborative member badgeAmanda Roberts
Director of Solutions and Partnerships Operations

As former clinicians, healthcare leaders, and technologists, Evergreen offers EHR training programs designed to help clinicians spend more time with their patients and less time on administrative tasks. Our industry-leading expertise in quantifying and understanding real-world EHR usage is the core of our programs, which include program development, training leadership, and post-go-live efficiency training/coaching. Evergreen will be your partner in this data-driven approach to transforming your EHR from a source of clinician frustration to a powerful tool that enhances patient care.

experis logo

Margaret Ptacek 
VP, Client Solutions

For 16 years, Experis Health Solutions has been successfully delivering training resources and programs to both large and small healthcare clients. Experis Health Solutions’ training support services encompass the entire training project life cycle and include training program creation, talented instructional designers and trainers, scheduling, LMS support, remote or on-site training, one-on-one sessions, personalization efforts, provider engagement, and go-live support.

hci group logo

Tom Griga
SVP Sales

The HCI Group’s services are designed to cover the full training life cycle, from pre-go-live program design through post-go-live development of enduring training strategies that support new hires and improved clinician adoption. With instructor-led approaches, virtual classrooms, and asynchronous eLearning, we will create a sustainable, scalable training program that meets your healthcare system’s needs as well as increases system utilization and efficiency.

healthcare triangle logo

Damien David
Senior Director of Sales and Business Development

Building on experiences gained over the last three decades, Healthcare Triangle approaches training program and curriculum development knowing what end users need to move from adoption to acceptance of new systems. We break training into blocks of information and align them with processes and workflows. We supplement instructor-led training with eLearning and self-guided lessons, whether developed by our team or by a customers’ training content provider.

medasource logo

Brian Donahue
Vertical Director, Technology Practice

Medasource is a proven partner in providing professional services for software modernization projects of all shapes and sizes. We understand each healthcare provider is unique, and we approach every client partnership with flexibility and customization. Our expert consultants can support training initiatives (whether on-site or virtual) from initial strategy and curriculum development through education and ongoing training.

medix logo

arch collaborative member badgeJason Kulaga, RN, BSN, PMP
Practice Director, EHR Solutions

As a part of the Medix family, Medix Technology has been providing expert Epic consulting and staffing solutions for over a decade. We help organizations at every stage of their Epic journey, from initial implementation through ongoing optimization and maintenance. Medix Technology partners with Epic organizations to evaluate existing training and optimization programs, develop curriculum and supporting content, and provide both temporary and permanent training team members (including strategic leaders, principal trainers, and credentialed trainers).


Craig Wallace
Business Development

As the exclusive online learning partner for MEDITECH, MedPower is the only vendor who can offer out-of-the-box MEDITECH EHR content. Whether for an enterprise-wide implementation or day-to-day onboarding needs, the MedPower solution offers customers the highest-value, lowest-maintenance approach to training MEDITECH users. By combining our proven micro-eLearning approach with exclusive MEDITECH-certified Expanse EHR content, our Expanse customers can effectively educate and train users while realizing unmatched performance and cost efficiencies.

nordic logo

arch collaborative member badgeSarah Rosebrock
Director, Education Solutions

Nordic is proud to offer solutions that help create, implement, deliver, maintain, and optimize training and education services for our clients and their end users. Our methodologies focus on partnership by tailoring the solutions to our clients’ needs and culture. We aim to reduce the forgetting curve, support learning retention by creating opportunities for reinforcement, and enable sustainable long-term adoption.

optimum logo

Kristi Lanciotti 
Vice President

Optimum Healthcare IT offers a wide breadth of technology and EHR training services specifically for healthcare organizations. We provide implementation and change management support, staff augmentation, provider optimization projects, at-the-elbow go-live support, ongoing new-user virtual training services, contract-to-hire talent as service replacements, and advisory services related to LMS selection and training team design. Our leadership team includes experienced clinicians and educators that bring decades of healthcare IT expertise and world-class experience and service to every client engagement.


arch collaborative member badgeGP Hyare 
Managing Director

ReMedi Health Solutions specializes in peer-to-peer EHR training, personalization, and optimization sessions, emphasizing physician and nurse efficiency at scale. Our clinical staff supports healthcare leaders as an outsourced chart abstraction partner to help make better use of EHR data. ReMedi’s executive leadership team actively participates in healthcare IT industry roundtables, forums, and speaking engagements to steward a better future for healthcare and more efficient use of the EHR system.


Mary Everett
VP of Sales and Marketing

Sedona Learning Solutions specializes in creating custom EHR learning materials that mirror each client’s build, best practices, and workflows. Sedona is a full-service education provider that offers role-based custom tutorials, classroom guides, just-in-time refresher tools, training strategy and project management services, and supplemental instructors for EHR systems.

tegria logo

arch collaborative member badgeMeg Johnson
Change Management and Learning Transformation

At Tegria, we believe end-user satisfaction and system adoption are critical to the health of your EHR and the ROI that you should expect from it. Comprehensive change management, efficient training program design, effective training, and ongoing adoption and support efforts are our expertise and passion. Our solutions focus on empowering end users through training, personalization, and organizational alignment with site-specific, scalable programs suited to your specific goals.

uperform logo

arch collaborative member badgeAndrea Rolland
Senior VP of Sales and Marketing for North America

At uPerform, we are on a mission to empower clinicians to become more productive and more satisfied users of technology through higher-quality software education. uPerform offers digital onboarding and at-the-elbow support to address inadequate software training and poor user efficiency—the crux of EHR success. We work with health systems to develop a scalable, effective digital training strategy that keeps up with growth and the pace of change.

Arch Collaborative Case Study

Read about how Baylor Scott & White Health worked with uPerform to utilize technology to make clinician training content more up to date and accessible.

What Is the KLAS Arch Collaborative?

The Arch Collaborative is a group of healthcare organizations committed to improving the EHR experience through standardized surveys and benchmarking. To date, over 250 healthcare organizations have surveyed their end users and over 240,000 clinicians have responded. Reports such as this one seek to synthesize the feedback from these clinicians into actionable insights that organizations can use to revolutionize patient care by unlocking the potential of the EHR.

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